7 Reasons to Take an Online Fitness Class ...

By Kayla

7 Reasons to Take an Online Fitness Class ...

While looking for a new workout routine online, I stumbled upon an advertisement for a live online fitness class. At first I thought that it was just another gimmick. After doing a little research, I discovered that they are a useful fitness tool for those who want to workout from home. Here are some ways you may benefit from an online fitness class.

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An online fitness class is easy to fit into your schedule. You don't have to worry about finding time to get to the gym. It also cuts down on your commute time to and from the gym. On days that you are too tired to go to the gym, the gym comes to you. Don't worry about being late for class. If you happen to miss your scheduled class, you can easily catch the next one.



Online classes are very inexpensive compared to classes at a gym. You can save enough money in gas, to cover the cost of the class. You can sign up for an unlimited access for about a $1 a day. This gives you access to all live classes as well as recorded ones. Working out in your home allows you to wear whatever you like, so you will no longer have to buy tons of workout clothes just for the gym.


Great for Beginners

Not all classes are the same. They are available for all fitness levels. Most classes last about 8 weeks. They seem to be a great option for beginners, who many not be comfortable working out in front of others at the gym. It is important to find a class that is right for your fitness level. Don't sign up for an advanced class, if you are a beginner. Give your body some time to build up to that level.


Free Trial

Most classes offer a free trial. Signup for a 24 hour or one week trial. This is a great way to see if you like the class before making a commitment. Consider trying more than one class. This will let you compare them to see which you like the best.


Workout Anywhere

I have a hard time sticking to a workout routine. If I am unable to exercise for a few days, it is almost impossible to start back. My favorite thing about online fitness classes is that you can do it anywhere. If you have travel for work, you won't have to miss a class. It is also an awesome way to get a workout in when you are on vacation. All you need is your computer and an internet connection.

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Doing online workouts from home will lower your exposure to germs. I know that I sound like a germaphobe, but let's face it, the gym is not the cleanest place around. It is packed full of germs. When you use a piece of exercise equipment, it has likely been touched by several people before you. If they are sick, you are likely to get sick too.


No More Exercise DVDs

I probably have about 30 exercise DVDs in my home. I have only used about half of them. There were definitely a waste of my time and money. I think my problem with them is that they are so repetitive. Online exercise classes offer a way to change up your routine.

After signing up and doing a free trial workout, I must admit that I really enjoyed it. I plan to do at least one more workout, before I choose a class to commit to. Have you ever tried an online fitness class? I'd love to hear how your experience went.

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Please suggest a good web! Many thanks

What are some classes you recommend? I'm twelve but I looooove working out and have downloaded many many apps but this sounds great and I can try the free trial to see which is best for me thanks SOOOO much!!!!!!


I have never heard of this before but it sounds awesome and completely perfect for my needs! Like Arlene, I am also looking for a few suggestions on what online classes might be best? Thanks so much