7 Best Exercises for Toned Arms That Seriously Work ...

My arms have always been a favorite part of my body, so it’s no wonder I keep a few exercises for toned arms in my workout all the time. I like to look strong and toned while wearing dresses or anything sleeveless for that matter. So, here are a few exercises for toned arms that I swear by, that totally work wonders!

1. Curls

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Curls are great exercises for toned arms that you always wanted! Curls target your biceps in an attempt to make them look awesome! They are pretty versatile too. You can do barbell curls, dumbbell curls or preacher curls! To do the workout, start by keeping your back straight, feet planted and your elbows to your sides. Lift the weight ( the dumbbells, etc.) to your shoulders and lower back down with control. Be sure not to drop the weight down quickly or you could hurt yourself!

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