Workout Prep Hacks for Girls Who Want Fast Results Now🎽💨🏆 ...

If you prep for your workouts you will be on the fast track to super success. Planning is everything and in fitness this is most definitely the case. With the right workouts planned, food prepped and even having your gear all set out you help yourself stay on the right path in achieving fast results. As a certified trainer I have helped thousands to do just this and in the end you will achieve balance and better health. So let me help you with these preps pronto!

1. Set up Your Weekly Workout Schedule

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Set up your weekly workout schedule in your phone with alarms to remind you of your workouts. And make this set times to get your workout in. No ifs, ands or buts; this is your time to burn some calories and get rid of the stress of the day. And remember the earlier the better because there will be less to get in the way of your day!

2. Cut up Veggies

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Cut up veggies and store them in the refrigerator in tightly closed plastic containers. Then you will be prepared when hunger strikes with the right fuel your body needs or you can curb late night cravings. Sliced peppers, broccoli, cucumber and celery can help you to stay on track to making healthy food choices!

3. Grill Chicken and Steam Brown Rice for Week

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Grill several pieces of chicken and store for the week. You can create a whole wheat wrap, chicken salad or enjoy with a side of veggies for your weekly meals. Preparation will have you eating healthy and you will not even have to think about what to make for dinner; it will be waiting for you!

4. Make Your Protein Shake and Put It in a to Go Container

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Make a protein shake to enjoy after your workout. Store in a to-go container and you can take it with you for recovery fuel. And since protein should be consumed within 30 minutes of your workout to aid in the rebuilding of muscle fiber, your shake will be your superpower way to restore energy!

5. Go Social and Challenge Your Friends

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There is nothing like putting your goals out there for all to be aware of and increase your motivation. If you let everyone know on social media, you may inspire friends and family or even put them to a challenge. This is the best way to get on the fast track to results, because you now have more accountability to more than just yourself!

6. Lay out Your Workout Clothes the Night before

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Lay out your workout clothes the night before so when you wake up you can grab your fitness clothes and go. If you are exercising bright and early, having clothes laid out will be integral in helping you to get into a routine. And just 30 days of doing the same routine will make this a habit, then you will find yourself craving workouts. So create new healthy habits!

7. Store Water along Your Route

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An easy prep to help you stay hydrated and also commit to a longer workout is to store bottled water along your running route. As a marathoner I have had great results by doing this simple prep. And this helps you commit to a longer run so you can achieve greater results in a quicker time frame.

So follow these tips and get in a super fitness routine so you can achieve ultra-amazing results! Are you ready for the challenge?

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