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You’ll be surprised to see the various types of people at the gym! After having been a member at my local gym for about six months, I’ve noticed that most of the people belong to a particular category of ‘gym-goers’. It’s like there are recurring characters that fit a certain criteria regardless of location, time and place. If you have ever been to a gym club, you probably know what I am talking about and if you haven’t, here are the types of people at the gym you will usually see.

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The Hardcore Olympic Athlete

Out of all the types of people at the gym, the one that will stand out the most is the intimidating-hardcore-Olympic-ready athlete. It’s like they have an oxygen tank connected to their back and the ability to feel no pain! To be completely honest, I often catch myself staring at them and wondering how it can be physically possible to be that fit.


The One Who is Not Really There to Work out

Not far from the beast-mode athlete, you’ll spot a lot less active gym member with a magazine or a book in hand using the bicycle machine as a chair! They make the effort to come to the gym but that’s where it all stops. I guess it’s still better than sitting at home on a couch!


The Selfie Junkie

You are absolutely guaranteed to find a person plastered to the nearest mirror having a photo-shoot with their iPhone. I mean most of us have probably done it ourselves in the past, which is why I can tolerate others taking a few snaps of themselves at the gym. But girl, some people need to use the mirror for other purposes!


The Unprepared One

Believe it or not but oftentimes you may find the most unprepared people attempting to work out at the gym. From my personal experience, I can tell you that I have seen someone work out in nurse uniform and even heels! That is completely uncomfortable and absolutely not safe.


The Middle-aged Person with a Better Bod than You

We have all seen that middle-aged man or woman at the gym, who puts the rest of us to shame! I’ve literary seen a 50 year old woman comfortably strolling around in a sports bra. In all honestly I would be doing the same thing if I was her, because you should have no shame in showing off your accomplishments, especially something you have worked so hard for.


The Nudist

This is more likely to happen if you happen to go to a gym specified for a particular gender. I happen to be a part of an all girls’ gym, so nudity is very common! The locker room has showers and sauna, so that gives nudists even more of an incentive to stroll around in their birthday suits. This is a free country, but sometimes things can get a little uncomfortable!


The Girly Girl

To top of this list, you will most likely meet the girly girl of the gym, who comes in looking like she is ready for a night out with full makeup on and her hair done. Trust me, I admire people who take care of themselves but the gym is a place where sweatpants are welcomed and frizzy hair is a norm!

Among these types of people you will most likely meet at the gym, there are also other more relatable people, who are very low key and are there to work out. However there is one thing we all have in common, working out! Do you often see these types of people at your gym and what type of gym member are you?

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I meant FIT *

Yeah, I'm that girl. I need my lipstick, eyeliner and mascara; I don't leave home without it.

Funniest of the lot is when you realise that our stare at those fit middle aged is too noticeable

I wear my eyebrows and mascara at the gym. You don't want to look to ratchet these always a cutie coming up to talk so I have to look decent... I work out but I take breaks between sets or 20 minutes! I didn't see a category for me.

Girly girl of the gym = Taylor swift!

I don't fit into any of these I'm there to get in and get out I enjoy it but I like when it's over !

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