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Between gym memberships, equipment, and all of the other odds and ends of keeping yourself in shape, it may seem impossible to find inexpensive ways to get a workout. Budget-conscious women--rejoice! You can absolutely stay fit, toned, and in shape, without having to take out a loan. Stay tuned for these great tips for inexpensive ways to get a workout:

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Donation-Based Yoga Studios

One of the sure-fire inexpensive ways to get a workout is to attend a yoga studio that's donation based. However, keep in mind that the money that students give these studios helps keep the facility running, as well as pay for the instructors' salaries. If you cheap-out each time and only give a dollar, or treat it as a "free class", consider finding alternate fitness options. These classes are understanding of their students' funds, though, so if some days you can't offer a generous donation, just give as much as you can and be sure to thank your instructor every time.


Stability Balls

Stability balls are incredible for getting a good workout at home. You can do crunches, planks, and several core exercises with these babies, and they're very reasonably priced.


YouTube Classes

You'll be happy to know that there are a TON of videos on YouTube of acclaimed and lesser-known fitness gurus offering awesome fitness advice and taking you through a whole workout. Kick back at home, fire up your laptop or tablet, and get in an awesome workout, totally for free.


Department Store Equipment

Stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls have very affordable pieces of fitness equipment like yoga mats, free weights, and resistance bands. When you're done searching their fitness section, head on over to their athletic wear and discover their amazing pants, shorts, tanks, zip-ups, and sports bras. High quality merchandise that won't break the bank? Yes, please!



While Groupon is mostly available in major cities, if you're lucky enough to find Groupon deals near your hometown, definitely look into their fitness deals. Some places offer a number of classes at an outrageously awesome deal so you can try a bunch of different workouts, or so that you can make sure that you love a gym before you commit to a membership.


Reinvent Your Household Items

You may feel a little silly using soup cans as free weights, but if it'll save you the cost of a gym membership that you might not be able to afford, then soup's on! Another great trick is to use paper plates to slide across carpet or hardwood floors. Doing mountain climbers with paper plates, as well as army crawls are is quite the workout--trust me on that.


Turn Every Space into a Gym

Busy schedules can make fitting gym time into your schedule seem impossible, so multi-task at work and at home so that the gym comes to you. Do chair-dips at work, leg lifts with ankle weights while you're sitting at your desk, or take a squat break. Who cares if your co-workers stare? You're doing work and working out at the same time (just make sure it's not interfering with your work of course!).

This isn't to say that gyms and the wonderful instructors that work there aren't worth the time and money, but unfortunately sometimes these costs can be a bit much, so it's nice to have more affordable alternatives. Especially if you're sitting in a corporate setting all day, you really need to take time to move about so you're not living a sedentary lifestyle. Have you every tried any of these money-saving tips? Please share in the comments!

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YouTube is the best

You can get workout videos/dvs out of the library and order them off of amazon. com. They have spinning, kickboxing, zumba, dance, weight training, pilates,etc.

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