9 Grand Slam Ways to Workout like a Pro ...


Have you ever thought about the ways to work out like a pro? With the Olympics, World Cup and other professional races, it is a wonder how an athlete of this caliber works out. What exercises do they do and how do they stay motivated? Some of this may be genetic but the majority is from the hard work and training put in. So are you ready to put in the time and energy to put your body to the test? Here are the ways to work out like a pro.

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Perform High Intensity Workouts

One of the ways to work out like a pro is to kick it up a notch. You would not see an elite athlete exercising gently, so put more energy forth. Make sure every workout has you feeling winded and sweaty. This is a true gage of pushing your body to the next level. So do you have what it takes to give it all you got? Then prove it!


Do Some Warrior Moves

Perform burpees for a challenging total body workout or push yourself by trying different pushups. Did you know by shifting your arms closer in a push up you can focus on the shoulders or triceps. Be a warrior and push yourself to conquer new exercises!


Begin a Monthly Challenge

Have you always wanted to do 100 pushups or 100 squats? Then begin your own monthly challenge. Share your goal with your friends and family through social media so that you will stay on track like a professional. And remember we never start something and not finish, so never give up!


Sign up for a Challenge Race

Have you always wanted to run a mud obstacle course? Want to channel your inner beast, but still look like a beauty? Well, your answer is just a sign- up sheet and a few months of training away. There are obstacle races around the world that can help you to get in your best shape, are you ready?


Go for a Massage

To increase blood circulation and the healing process after your intense workouts, go for a massage. Make sure you get a sports massage that focuses on the areas that are most sore.


Fuel like the Pros

Fast food provides empty nutritional value which will do zero for your performance. So start increasing your greens and fruits to fuel up like the pros. The discipline that professional athletes is not just for workouts but healthy eating as well, so are you ready to eat healthier?


Get Enough Sleep

Professional athletes try to sleep for 9 to 10 hours per night because this has positive results on sports performance. To perform like a pro, you should get to bed earlier. How many hours do you sleep each night? I wish I could say I get 9 hours of sleep but it is tough with three children and a full time business. Maybe we all need to find time to catch more zzzs to perform like a pro athlete!


Repeat All over Again

Even on days when you awake feeling a lack of motivation or just not that into exercising that day, you have to repeat to be a pro. Pros push the negative feelings to the side, get up, work out, and in the midst of their workout, they realize why they started in the first place.


Have Fun!

Whether you are a professional athlete or just breaking into a new sport or exercise routine, it is important to remember why you started. There has to be some element of fun involved or you will lose interest. Passion in your sport is a must.

Now that you know the ways to work out like a pro, are you ready to put your body to the test? Then get moving to be the very best you can be and feel like a pro in the process!

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