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Lucy Li, an 11 year old elite golfer is better at golf than the majority of the world. She shot a 78 at the US Open this year and she did an open interview with a smirk and a Popsicle in hand. She knows more about fitness and life than most people. Regardless of your age or fitness level she may teach you a thing or two that can help your next swing or in your everyday life. Here are some fitness tips from an 11 year old elite golfer:

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Start Young

Lucy Li is an 11 year old elite golfer with pigtails and a super smile that shows she wants to be out on the green. Wouldn’t you too if you shot a 78? And this is clear because she started at the young age of 7 and has been playing ever since her first swing. Most professional athletes start as young as 2, so there is something to be said about starting early. If this is what molds a pro to become superior, there must be something to this.


Don’t Stress

From Lucy’s relaxed attitude at the US Open, it is clear to see this 11 year old is not stressing over her performance and she has positive results for this reason. We could all learn this lesson from this young pro and just perform our best without over stressing. I know I could use this laid back approach to help my next running race, what about you?


Be Confident

At just 11 years old, Lucy possesses more confidence than most have in a lifetime. I am sure Lucy’s talent as a golfer influenced this. Athletics can help build confidence tremendously. This does not mean that you have to be the best at a sport but just playing a sport alone can increase your level of confidence.


Be Yourself

As Lucy is interviewed after the US Open and she stands with her pigtails and Popsicle in hand, she is being herself. She never tries to act older than what she is and be someone she is not. Embrace who you are as an individual. You can push yourself in your athletics but also always remember to be yourself and embrace your strengths while working on your weaknesses!


Don’t Be Intimidated by Crowds

Amazing that an 11 year old girl can be so confident regardless of who I watching. Lucy talks about how she is never intimidated by a crowd watching her and this a lesson to life. Whether you are competing, doing a speech or even lifting weights in a gym; you should not worry about those watching. Keep your focus on your goal and everything else should be a blur.


Be Patient

It is not always easy to be patient when it comes to sports, especially if your game is not going well, but Lucy finds a way. She talks about the ups and downs of the game and how if you maintain patience, things always look up. This is relatable to all aspects of life. Things are never really that bad, right?


Have Fun

Sometimes we get so caught up on our sports performance that we forget to just have fun. After all isn’t that why you starting playing a sport? When asked on the expected outcome of the US Open, Lucy talks about her goal to just have fun. She can teach us this most important lesson in life; it is not always about how you perform but whether you had fun in the process.

So tell me what have you learned from this 11 year old golf pro? I bet you did not expect to learn life lessons from an 11 year old. She seems to have knowledge well beyond her years. Hope you have a great time working out and that you, too, find a sport that you have passion for!

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