7 Ways to Get More from Your Gym Membership ...


7 Ways to Get More from Your Gym Membership ...
7 Ways to Get More from Your Gym Membership ...

If you pay monthly fees, you might try to find ways to get more from your gym membership. I know I hated paying high fees just to run on the treadmill and lift some weights. Depending on the gym you join, you could actually get your money's worth and much more. The key is finding the right gym and using it to your advantage. Finding ways to get more from your gym membership isn't hard at all.

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Join a Few Classes

One of the best ways to get more from your gym membership is to join classes. Many gyms include all classes in the cost of your membership. Not only do you get to work out with others, but you make new friends. Plus, you get the benefit of a structured workout. See what your gym has to offer and try out a few new classes. You might just find your new favorite workout and get even more results.


Talk to on Site Experts

Many gyms have fitness experts on hand to help you create custom workout routines to meet your unique goals. Why struggle trying to figure out what equipment to use or how many reps to do? Instead of just winging it, get help. It's free to talk to them as long as you're a member. Take advantage of it and get routines that actually get you closer to your fitness goals faster.


Find a Workout Group

Hate exercising alone? Some gyms have sign up sheets for members to join groups. Each group is composed of individual members who have common fitness goals. You're free to join any group you want as long as you're willing to meet any requirements the group might have. Imagine how much better you'd do if you had an entire group to workout with on a regular basis. The support system is incredible and definitely a membership perk.


Join a 24 Hour Gym

If possible, join a 24 hour gym. Many people hardly use their memberships simply because of the gym's hours. With 24 hour gyms, you work out when you want. It's more convenient and encourages you to go more often. Wouldn't it be great to actually use your membership regularly? I know it made a huge difference when the local gym changed their policy to 24 hours. I even see more people in there now.


Use More Facilities

Does your gym offer more than just the standard equipment? Maybe they have a pool, a running track or a basketball court. I once used a gym with a trampoline room. Why limit yourself to just one type of facility. Odds are, you're paying for all of them. Take advantage of it and spice up your regular routine. For instance, do weights one day and do laps in the pool the next. It's fun and you get more from your membership.


Create a Solid Routine

Obviously, the easiest way to get more is to simply go to the gym. How many of you are guilty of going one day this week, two days next week and no days the third week? This random use is just a waste of the membership. Create a schedule and stick to it. Only stray if it's an emergency or a legitimate excuse. The more you go, the more value you get. Plus, you'll see those love handles fade away quicker.


Try a Trial Membership First

I have several friends who wanted to lose weight and joined the first gym they found. As it turns out, the gyms weren't what they were looking for and they only went a few times. Ask the gym about a free trial membership or a discounted rate to try the gym out for a few weeks. Most are happy to oblige. This gives you the chance to see if the gym's right before wasting your money. Pick the right one and you will get a lot more from the membership.

Gym memberships are well worth the money if you use them right. Always pick memberships that fit your goals and use them as often as possible. In the end, you'll be glad you joined. How do you get the most value from your membership?

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