7 Simple Exercises That Produce Great Results ...


7 Simple Exercises That Produce Great Results ...
7 Simple Exercises That Produce Great Results ...

Don’t overthink your workouts because even simple exercises can produce great results. Yes that is right! If you overthink it, it may deter you from working out altogether - so keep it simple. Basic exercises like the squat and lunge are timeless favorites because of the muscles that they target and results they produce. And the best part is that simple exercises require no outside equipment; just your body weight and lots of energy! So are you ready to start working to achieve amazing fitness results? Then integrate these simple exercises into your daily routine:

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The simple, yet effective squat can have your legs lean, strong and sculpted in no time and give you a tight and toned tush. Put your weight on your heels and drop it low to focus on form and achieve amazing results. Aim for 3 sets of 18 squats followed by a 2 minute squat hold. Make sure you add the squat into your fitness program because it is one of the simple exercises that just works!


Push up

The push up is the ultimate exercise to tone and strengthen your upper body but also one of the exercises most often done incorrectly. Make sure you focus on lowering your body close to the ground, slowly bringing it back up. Aim for 3 sets of 15 and tighten your core so you can work these muscles as well.


Chin up

If you want to work your upper back, get stronger and have your waist appear leaner, perform chin ups. Chin ups are underhand grips which are easier than pull ups (overhead grips). This will be challenging if you lack upper body strength so do what you can and as you get stronger, do more. Rome was not built in a day and neither will your strength or results but you will notice changes in a matter of weeks!



Want to tone your legs and butt so you can achieve amazing results for your lower half? Then you must integrate lunges into your fitness routine immediately. Lunges are the most effective exercise to target the muscles in each leg and help boost your metabolic rate!



Plyometric exercises are one of the best ways to increase the intensity of your resistance routine and combine both cardio and strength. You can pick up the pace to burn more calories or slow it down and go at your own pace. Just make sure to focus on form and give it all you got!


Leg Lifts

Leg lifts are one of the most timeless and super workouts for your lower body. I love doing leg lifts because it is a great way to target your legs and you can do this when you are watching television. Just focus on squeezing and tightening the muscles you are working and tighten your core.



The plank is the best abdominal exercise because it works all 4 layers of your abs, along with your back and shoulders. Just make sure you squeeze your abdominal muscles and keep them engaged so you can make the most of your workout.

Get back to the basics so you can achieve incredible fitness and health results. Are you ready to keep it simple to get in shape?

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So agree the all these! In my classes I preach planks ,squats ,push-ups lunges!!

Cool :-)

Thankyou for this. :)

Exited! I'll start doing these! And see results!

Thanks for sharing and i love Flavia👍

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