7 Amazing Benefits of Bodyweight Exercises ...


7 Amazing Benefits of Bodyweight Exercises ...
7 Amazing Benefits of Bodyweight Exercises ...

I never knew there were so many benefits of bodyweight exercises. They should have been obvious, but so many workouts are full of equipment that bodyweight alone didn't seem like enough. Bodyweight exercises involve using just your body to get fit. Believe me, after trying some routines, you'll quickly notice all of these benefits of bodyweight exercises and many more.

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One of my favorite benefits of bodyweight workouts is they're cheap. All I bought was a slip proof mat since I do these on a hardwood floor. No gym fees and no expensive equipment. I did download a few videos with routines, but those were free. All I need to get a great workout was my own body. It doesn't matter how much you weigh either. Bodyweight exercises are great for every size.



Bodyweight exercises are as easy or intense as you choose to make them. You can easily customize any workout by adding more repetitions, mixing up exercises, doing the routine faster or slowing it down. This is why so many people love doing them. They're perfect for every shape, size and fitness level. Start with a small set of exercises and you've got a routine that'll easily grow with you.


Combines Cardio and Strength Training

Forget about making time for a strength training session one day and a cardio the next. Bodyweight workouts combine both into a single routine. For instance, go from push-ups to jumping jacks and get the best of both worlds. Simply organize different exercises to do a combination of cardio and strength training. Of course, you could also focus on just one or the other.


Fits with Other Workouts

Love lifting weights or running on a treadmill? Not a problem. Bodyweight exercises are the perfect compliment to any other workout you do. Mix in bodyweight workouts with anything else you do to instantly amp up your routine. You'll get fit faster and even find your stamina increasing. These routines are also ideal for alternating between other workouts.


Easy to do Anywhere

Most bodyweight exercises require very little space. As long as you can jump slightly and have room to lie flat on the floor, you can get a great workout. With no equipment to carry, it's the perfect type of exercise for travel. Plus, routines can be as long or short as necessary. This means you really can fit in exercise anywhere and anytime.


Build Your Core

Forget about doing 100 crunches every day to get flat abs. The majority of bodyweight exercises engage your core muscles and not just the abs. Since many of us focus solely on the abs, these are great exercises to strengthen the entire core. What does that mean for you? You'll notice a stronger center, better posture and an easier time exercising. If you do yoga, you'll really notice a difference.


Increased Results

I hate workouts that only target one set of muscles. For instance, I see people who work one week on their upper body and the next on their lower body. They spend hours with little to show for it. Bodyweight exercises work the entire body and it's easy to mix various exercises to create a well rounded workout every time. Plus, it's easy to change the routine so you never get completely used to it. This means increased results such as more fat burning, improved strength, better flexibility and more.

I highly recommend trying bodyweight exercises for a few weeks and you'll see exactly what I mean. They're ideal for anyone bored with standard routines and anyone not seeing real results. Have you ever tried bodyweight workouts before?

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