7 Ways to Recover Quicklyfrom Your Workouts ...


7 Ways to Recover Quicklyfrom Your Workouts ...
7 Ways to Recover Quicklyfrom Your Workouts ...

As you complete one of your most strenuous workouts today, you may wonder, what is the best way to recover? Should you take a day off, week off, relax or those legs or show up tomorrow and workout harder? Or should you exercise at a light intensity the next day? There are so many different approaches so it is best to stick with the scientific evidence along with what works best for you. Knowledge is power in the fitness world and also becoming an athlete you become instinctive to your body cues. So check out the ways to recover quickly and effectively starting today:

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Drink Lots of Water

Both before, during and after your workouts, drink lots of water. Aim for 8-12 glasses of water per day so that you can heal quicker from your workouts, optimize your performance and aid the digestive tract. Ample water will also help boost your metabolic functioning, so drink up!



A protein shake, eggs or grilled chicken 30-45 minutes post workout can help you to recover quicker so the muscle fiber broken down during exercise can get on the mend. Make sure you have a post workout light meal to make the most out of your exercise and get that body healing pronto!


Elevate Your Feet

Elevating your feet against the wall or on a pillow will speed up blood circulation and help your body to heal post workout, so kick your feet up and relax for a few. As tough as it is to take a break, just 30 minutes a day can help your body tremendously, so it is well worth it.



If you have a particular muscle group that is super sore, turn to ice to reduce inflammation. Ice can do wonders in reducing the pain and helping to speed along muscle recovery so grab that ice pack and be patient. Time heals all wounds (and muscle soreness), right?


Ice Bath

Ice baths are incredible in speeding along muscles' healing and getting you back to competition sooner; why else would football players and other athletes swear by this? I have helped myself heal a number of times to perform optimally at distance races back to back. Just a 15 minute ice bath at night can have your legs feeling fresh for the next day!


Active Recovery

Even though you are sore and the last thing you want to do is work out the day after a strenuous workout, it is well worth the push. Just a light workout the next day will actually help you to feel better and in no time you will be game day ready again!



Light stretching is said to speed along recovery and even help remove lactic acid from the body. You can even stretch with a foam roller to relax the body even more. Stretch it out or join a pilates and yoga class for the day. Just do not overdo your stretching.

So are you clear on the best way to approach soreness the day after your ultra-intense workouts? Just remember to always listen to your body. You know your body best and you would never want to overdo it and get injured. So play it safe and have fun through the process of getting fit and fab!

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Foam rollers are great to help roll out aches n pains

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