9 Things You Are Missing out on by Not Working out ...


9 Things You Are Missing out on by Not Working out ...
9 Things You Are Missing out on by Not Working out ...

If you are one of those people who thinks not working out doesn’t matter as long as you aren’t overweight, then I hope this post can help change your mind! Overweight people aren’t the only ones who benefit from working out, although losing weight is certainly one of the benefits you get when you are able to exercise regularly. Please continue reading to learn what you are missing out on by not working out!

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Toned Muscles

There is one thing you won’t have by not working out, and it’s toned, defined muscles. Maybe you are naturally thin, but how toned are you? Any kind of daily work out, whether it’s an hour long or 10 minutes long, will help tone and define your muscles. Just make sure you’re eating enough to sustain that muscle!


Better Sleep at Night

Working out causes you to break a sweat and get the impurities out of your body. It also releases tension, stress, and uses up stores of energy. So it makes sense that by working out you are able to get better sleep at night!


Balanced Emotions

As previously mentioned, working out can help relieve stress. When you’re exercising, you release a hormone called serotonin. This hormone is a feel-good hormone that keeps depression and low self-esteem at bay. So, by not working out, you’re missing out on having balanced emotions!


More Energy

Working out speeds up your metabolism. This in turn gives you more energy to get through the day! Now it’s true that working out requires and uses up energy, but it also gives energy back, helping you to be able to get through the day without being sluggish. Come bedtime, you will be tired in a good way, not exhausted like before.


More Self-Confidence

By not working out, you’re definitely missing out on a boost in self-confidence. When you’re doing something so good for your body, how can you not help but feel great about yourself? It also helps that working out can help you tone up and shed a pound or two along the way!


Pushing Yourself to Be Better

We all have goals, and even if yours aren’t in the fitness department you can still benefit from working out. If you set a routine and stick to it, after seeing your progress and steady determination you will notice that it starts to bleed into other areas of your life, for example, work and school. Besides, who wouldn’t feel inspired and accomplished after finishing a couch to 5k program in only a month or two?


Ability to Focus Better

There’s no doubt that working out helps you focus and concentrate better. Think about it; lifting weights, running, or doing any sort of physical, strenuous activity requires your concentration. After applying yourself in the gym, you will feel motivated to apply yourself in other areas of life too.


Creating Good Habits

Isn’t it better to wake up early and go for a quick jog, be energized and focused at work, and be tired by bedtime and get to sleep at a decent hour? Instead of staying up late, sleeping in, and running late for work! Besides, more exercise requires more hydration, so you’re sure to be drinking enough water throughout the day!


Overall Health and Fitness

The biggest thing you are missing out on by not working out is overall health and fitness. The girl who can sprint two miles and lift 50-pound weights is much healthier than the girl who gets winded climbing stairs and carrying groceries into her house. Exercise has multiple benefits including healthier hearts, digestive systems, and respiratory systems as well!

Working out takes time, dedication, and determination. You can do it though! Once you get started, you will create the habit of working out, which will eventually turn into a desire to work out. Which of these things do you think you’re missing out on the most by not working out?

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So true!! When I work out I feel better and have more confidencethank u 4 posting this article

Don't forget an improved sex life...

I can agree also, I cant go without working out...its become a hobby I crave and constantly need more of.

THANKYOU Jordin! JUST what I needed to read at this very instant! Lost 45lbs since Jan but from stress & so poor couldn't buy food! Now I NEED to start working out b/c I know how great it'll feel!!

Yep I agree

This is right.

This is why I workout everyday too! It makes you look great and feel great also, you can show everyone who doubted you that you can do it!

That's why I work out! Thank you.

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