The Coolest Gyms in All of Existence ...

Traditional gyms may bore you, because running on a treadmill and lifting weights for an hour at a time is far from exciting. However, there are innovative gyms popping up all around the world. Not only will they give you an intense workout, but they'll also give you awesome stories to brag to your friends about. So if you can't stand the traditional gyms you've been to in the past, then you should consider visiting some of the coolest gyms in all of existence.

1. Rock Wall Gyms

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There are gyms that contain nothing but rock walls inside of them. If you've always dreamt of rock climbing, but aren't experienced enough to try your luck on an actual mountain, then you should start out by attending one of these gyms. Not only will it enhance your endurance and help you build muscles, but climbing can also have a positive effect on your brain by boosting its function.

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