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Traditional gyms may bore you, because running on a treadmill and lifting weights for an hour at a time is far from exciting. However, there are innovative gyms popping up all around the world. Not only will they give you an intense workout, but they'll also give you awesome stories to brag to your friends about. So if you can't stand the traditional gyms you've been to in the past, then you should consider visiting some of the coolest gyms in all of existence.

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Rock Wall Gyms

Rock Wall Gyms There are gyms that contain nothing but rock walls inside of them. If you've always dreamt of rock climbing, but aren't experienced enough to try your luck on an actual mountain, then you should start out by attending one of these gyms. Not only will it enhance your endurance and help you build muscles, but climbing can also have a positive effect on your brain by boosting its function.


Hiking Yoga

Hiking Yoga You don't have to attend an indoor gym, where you stare at blank walls during your workout. There are some places that let you try your hand at Hiking Yoga, which combines two of the best workouts there are. You'll get to walk through trails of beautiful scenery and then make pit stops where you'll perform the yoga moves you know and love.


Clubbercise Classes

Clubbercise Classes There are gyms, like Daybreaker, that allow you to partake in clubbercise classes. Of course, you'll feel more like you're inside of a nightclub than a gym, because there will be music and a dance floor for you to enjoy. You'll work your body without using the equipment you've grown used to seeing inside of gyms. Your smooth moves are all you need to get fit.


Ice Skating Treadmills

Ice Skating Treadmills There are gyms, like Athletic Republic, that put a spin on traditional workouts. Instead of running on a treadmill, they've created one that you can skate on. So if you love iceskating or playing hokey, then you'll love standing on a slab of ice that you can skate across for hours on end.


Antigravity Yoga

Antigravity Yoga Gyms like Crunch allow you to partake in unique activities, such as antigravity yoga and pole dancing. If you're interested in bettering your body while learning to be more flexible, then you'll love the exercises these gyms offer (but your boyfriend will end up loving them even more).


Madonna Motivation

Madonna Motivation Gyms like Hard Candy Fitness will only interest you if you're a hardcore Madonna fan. It's pretty similar to a traditional gym, except it has photos and quotes from Madonna all around it. While that might not interest you, hopefully they'll be more gyms like this in the future based off of One Direction and Pierce the Veil.


Video Game Inspired Gyms

Video Game Inspired Gyms There are gyms, such as the Tempest Freerunning Academy, that base their equipment off of video games. This gym in particular has a section that is inspired by Super Mario. It's a way for all of the gaming geeks in the world to motivate themselves to step away from their electronics for a few hours a day.

These gyms make exercising fun again. That's why you should do some research to find the closest "cool gym" that you can find. What's the coolest gym that you've ever seen?

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I want to try the rock climbing! Seems like it'll be an exciting exercise

Nice article thanks

5 is right up my street. The yoga looks great can u imagine the wonders it would do for your back...

omg.... #4 i need to find one

Number 1 and 3 look pretty freaking awesome.

I want to go to all of these at the same time lol

There should be antigravity yoga classes around my area. It looks fab!

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