The 7 Best Exercises to Tone Your Arms to Prevent Bingo Wings ...


Want to know the exercises to tone your arms and prevent bingo wings? If you are not familiar of what bingo wings are, they are the hanging fat that swings from a woman with untoned or overweight upper arms when they are raised and shaken while shouting "Bingo!" If you do not play Bingo at least you are in the clear from this but why be unsatisfied with your body?! Let me share my trainer tips to help you get rid of Bingo wings! And by the way, why are they even called Bingo wings? They do not allow you to fly and if you could fly, you might fly away from them! Okay, so here are the exercises to tone your arms and some videos to help guide you to get going!

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Arm Circles

Tone up your arms by doing 3 rounds of these arm exercises, which include circles and other movements to work the accessory muscles in your arms. This is an awesome video to help you tone and tighten and the girl performing this looks super toned! Just start out with 1 set and add a set every other week to gradually build strength without overdoing it! And have fun! It may look silly but it works, so move those arms to prevent Bingo wings. Rest assured, this is one of the best exercises to tone your arms!


Tricep Dips

To perform tricep dips to tone and tighten your underarms, place your arms shoulder width apart on a bench or chair. Slide your butt to the front of the bench and extend your legs in front. Now lower your body down and then raise back up. Breathe in as you lower your body and breathe out as you raise up. This is a great move to tone and tighten those arms and feel great!



The burpee is one of the best exercises because it tones, strengthens and kicks your butt aerobically. This 4 step exercise begins in standing position, drops down into a squat with hands on the ground, then you kick your feet back, perform a pushup, then kick your feet back, get in a squat position and jump up into standing position. This exercise will challenge you like no other and this equals great results! And on a side note, you may notice this is me performing burpees in this video! Something else you may not notice is that I am 4 months pregnant in this video with my 3rd baby!



Pushups are an effective exercise for working your arms, back, shoulders and core that can definitely help you to prevent Bingo wings. Just make sure you keep your back in a straight line and lower your chest all the way down to the ground and push back up. Sorry of the video looks a little close up, the videographer tried some different effects and it looks a little crazy but use this as a guide to learn from the form. I aim for 3 sets of 20 pushups 3 days a week!


Bicep Curls

To perform a bicep curl, you will grab a set of weights and do a curling motion to target your biceps. Just make sure to tighten your biceps as you curl to make the most out of this concentrated exercises. And if you want to work the lower body as well, perform a lunge as you work your biceps. Easy, peasy to help you to get in shape! And this video is pretty cool, who would ever think of doing bicep curls in your bikini? Loving the confidence!


Tricep Kickbacks

Tricep kickbacks focus on your triceps, which are used in just about every pushing exercise. To perform this exercise, stand to the right of your workout bench with dumbbell in hand. Place your left leg and left hand on the bench, now lean forward until your hips are at a 45 degree angle. Now extend your arm with the dumbbell in it and lift. As you can see in the video, this is a great exercise to target those triceps to help you achieve the arms of your dreams in no time!


Upright Rows

Lift your weights up slowly for these upright rows, hold for 3 seconds and then bring them back down. Do not lift your weights higher than shoulder level or you will be focusing on traps rather than shoulders. This exercise will help you to sculpt your shoulders and prevent Bingo wings. Your goal should be perform 3 sets of 18 for 3 days a week!

Hope all these videos help you to say goodbye to (or never see) Bingo arms and feel great! Are you ready to work hard to achieve amazing arms? Then get moving!

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In Australia we call them tuckshop lady arms :) good to know some exercises for this though :)

OMG! These girls are so strong. My arms are sticks. I can't do any of these. I am so weak.

Wanna try this one💪

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