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7 Super Ways to Exercise in a Small Space ...

By Alison

It can be hard to find the motivation to exercise in a small space. Sadly we don't all have palatial homes or the money to join a gym, and the weather doesn't always allow outdoor exercise. So we need to find ways of getting fit in the small spaces available to us. Everyone can clear a small area, so try these super ways to exercise in a small space …

1 Yoga

YogaYoga is a brilliant way to exercise in a small space. All you need is enough room to lay out a yoga mat. It's a form of exercise that is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. It's wise to attend a class so that the instructor can show you how to perform the asanas, or poses, but to get the most benefit you should try to carry out a daily session at home.

2 Weights

WeightsLifting weights also requires very little space, and you don't even need to shell out a fortune on equipment. You can make simple weights by filling plastic bottles with sand, or use cans as weights. Just make sure that you have enough room to extend your arms, and that there are no breakable objects nearby that might be at risk!

3 Barre Work

Barre WorkOf course, none of us have a ballet studio, but it's still possible to do barre work at home. It's great for your posture, strengthening your abdominal muscles, and firming your butt. If you've got a table or chair, then you've got a makeshift barre at your disposal. Check that the chair or table is steady; a wobbly 'barre' could put you at risk of injury if you lose your balance.

4 Pushups, Lunges, and Squats

Pushups, Lunges, and SquatsYou don't need equipment or plenty of space to work out. You can easily do pushes, lunges, squats and similar moves in a small space, and without even a single piece of equipment. Do a set of each move; to get an effective workout it's important to repeat each one several times and to do a combination of moves. Repeating only one move means an uneven workout.

5 Suspension Straps

Suspension StrapsSuspension straps like these ones are a brilliant way of working out in the tiniest of spaces. They're designed to fit over a door, and allow you to carry out a variety of exercises. If you don't have a door then exercise is the least of your worries! Suspension straps are also ideal if you want to work out in a hotel room.

6 Skipping

SkippingCaveat: don't try skipping if you live in an upstairs apartment, as your neighbors will not appreciate the noise! But if you jumping up and down on the spot isn't going to bother anyone, then skipping is a good way of working out in a small space. You don't need as much room as you think - but again, watch out for vases and the TV!

7 Exercise Bike

Exercise BikeFinally, the good old exercise bike is ideal for small spaces, and perfect for getting exercise during long winters when it's too cold to get out or you don't fancy trekking off to the gym. They're not as expensive as you might think either. You don't need to buy a full machine, as smaller models that are basically a set of pedals are available for as little as $30.

Living in a small space shouldn't deter you from keeping fit; there are many ways that you can exercise, however limited your floor space. Whether it's in a dorm room, a study or a small lounge, every room has a potential workout area. What's your favorite way to keep fit?

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