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Want to know the ways to improve your workout so that you can see great results? In a world of constant demands and obligations, there is no time for a wasted workout - only time to make the most out of your workout. You may have seen the person at the gym walking very slowly on the treadmill or someone lifting weights incorrectly, and this is a waste of time. You get out what you put in to your workouts, so why not make the most of every fitness moment. As a certified trainer, I teach clients daily how to make the most of their workouts. Let me share with you the ways to improve your workout:

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Add Intervals

To bring your workout to the next level, push yourself to add bursts of speed into your runs, elliptical, or cycling to increase your heart along with boosting your metabolism. Interval training is one of the best ways to improve your workout!


Add Some Resistance Training

To make the most out of the time you spend exercising, add some resistance training by pumping iron. Weight lifting will help you to build lean muscle so you will burn more calories even while at rest. Resistance training will help you to build muscle which is metabolically active tissue. This is a vital way to make the most out of working out!


Focus on Form

When you perform an exercise, focus on form. To make the most out of any workout, it is essential to focus on the proper way to perform the exercise. If you unsure what the proper form is, ask a trainer or search online for pictures.


Make It Your Workout

Exercising is the time to focus on the muscles you are working and achieving your goal results. To get the most out of your fitness sessions, you need to start looking at workouts as your workouts; you decide if you are going to succeed or fail. These decisions affect your results. So who do you want to be?


Make a Mind Muscle Connection

When you exercise, think of the muscles you are working and tighten them. Focus on your motive when doing your workout. For example, if you are working your abs, tighten them and focus on your goal of sculpting your abs. Studies show you achieve more productive results when you get in the right mindset.


Switch up Your Lifting Speed

To build lean long muscles, lift your dumbbells at a quicker pace. To build more muscle, slow down your lifting pace. This is because the slower you lift, the greater tears you cause to your muscle fiber.


Relax for an Hour or Two Every Day

Relax for an hour or two every day to assess the goals you have achieved and how far you have yet to go. To improve your workout, it is crucial to not be all work and no play. Everyone needs a little downtime to relax and rest your mind and body. So put up your feet, read a book, watch a show and relax for some time each day.

Now that you know the ways to improve your workout, you can stop wasting time and get working for even better results. Do you feel like you currently make the most of your workouts? Or do you have productive days and days that you take it easy?

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