7 Stretching Exercises That Will Have You Feeling Limber and Pain Free ...

Want to know the stretching exercises that will have you feeling limber and pain free? If you wake up feeling tight, sore and just plain uncomfortable, you are not alone. Just because it's common does not make this right, however, and you should not have to live with this pain each day. You need to integrate some stretches into your daily life so you can better your health and just feel great. We can all benefit from stretching for injury prevention and also to enhance your performance as an athlete, so what are you waiting for? Stretch your way to feeling better and even having more energy. Stretching is not just for those into yoga or pilates. Stretching if important for everyone. So are you ready to get started? Then check out these stretching exercises that I utilize every day as a trainer, and get started feeling and looking better:

1. Cobra

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The cobra is the most well known stretch that is used by fitness enthusiasts because it works wonders in relaxing your body. The cobra is a great stretch for your abdominal and lower back. Just make sure to stretch out fully and breathe deep to relax your muscles. Hold for 20 seconds and then release. Release the tension in your lower back to make the most out of this because this is one of the best stretching exercises!

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