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Everyone knows that going to the gym is healthy, but do you know what are truly the top benefits of going to the gym? Maybe the gym experience is different for everyone but I will certainly share the top benefits of going to the gym that have changed my life! Hopefully it will inspire you or reassure you that going every week is a good New Years resolution.

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Junk Food is Less Appealing

Probably one of the absolute top benefits of going to the gym every week is that junk food (finally) does not tempt me as much as it used to! I’m not saying that the craving for junk food magically disappears when you start going to the gym, but somehow I’ve noticed that my body just isn’t longing for junk food. I can happily report that even after a short 5-month dedication to the gym, I can go to the grocery store without wanting to buy all of aisle 5!


More Energy Throughout the Day

I never fully understood how going to the gym could make you feel more energetic – it just made sense to me to assume that you’d feel more exhausted and short of breathe. Well, the first day is like that…for sure…but after overcoming the first day, I have absolutely noticed that I am feeling more alert and energetic.


Feeling More Productive

To you crazy morning-gym-goers, KUDOS! I’m sure you feel way more productive with your day by going to the gym in the morning. I haven’t yet reached that level of dedication – sleep takes a MUCH higher priority in my day. However, even though I go later at night after work, I feel so productive when I go.


Sense of Pride and Accomplishment

There is this overwhelming feeling of “yes, I can now go take over the world!” when you leave the gym. One of my friends put it this way, “tell yourself, ‘it hurts so good’”. And she was right. Although I want to pass out on the treadmill or go hide in the locker room to take a nap during my work out, the feeling you get after you’re done trumps any feeling of doubt about being there. You will feel such a high level of respect for yourself for going to the gym and your pride and sense of accomplishment will soar! Great ego boost.


Sticking to a Routine

It doesn’t feel so good to quit things, does it? Going to the gym every week will make you a stronger person because it will help train you to stick to a routine. Soon enough, you’ll get so used to this routine that you won’t even want to quit. My weekly gym attendance has become so much apart of my every day life that I now feel dedicated to keep going and stick to my schedule.


Showing Love to Your Body

Working out your body is you showing love to your body. We were designed to keep in motion, to feel great, and to be healthy. If your brain is telling you “you can’t do this” or “you wouldn’t even know where to start” or “you’ll never be able to look and feel healthier”, tell it to shut up! It’s wrong. You are a perfect design – your body is designed to work out. Give your body some lovin’.


Seeing the Results

Of course, the best benefit of going to the gym every week is that you begin to see results. These results do not show immediately. For someone who likes to get things done ASAP I was furious when I didn’t see results right away. Be patient. Going to the gym also teaches you to patiently wait for good things to come to you. You will start to see results, I promise you! Keep going, keep pushing, and keep envisioning yourself with a healthier you!

It won’t take long for you to get completely hooked to going to the gym. And runners’ high? Yeah, you’ll get that too. The gym will soon become this beautifully healthy obsession and you’ll be so happy for going that one day, at that random time, to sign up. What do you love most about going to the gym?

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Th girl on th pic has such a nice figure

I love working out period-at the gym or home . It's a part of my routine and I love how I feel during and after working out . Never thought I would actually ENJOY working out

The fitness attitude inspires me to workout harder because everyone else is. The gym gives you that positive peer pressure for an extra push in your workout

I love going to the gym so much that they hired me, best job everrrrr

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