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A Perfect HIIT Workout to Get You Fit for Summer ...

By Khadija

I'm here with a HIIT Workout to get you fit for summer. Want to get fit but don’t have the time? “I’ll start tomorrow” or “I’ll start next week”. Pushing your workouts back will only delay you from getting a fit you and better you. Even I, who has been working out since high school, have those times when three weeks pass and I have yet to lift a muscle but once I discovered a workout that I can fit into my hectic schedule, I was back on the workout train once again.

This is my how to get fit with just a “HIIT” workout away. This workout is for beginners, pros and the ones in between. Follow the steps below either earlier in the morning before you start your day for 15 – 20 minutes for the ultimate energy boost and for the earlier birds and the night owls, try twice a day. Once in the morning and the other late at night to get the best and quickest results to meet your goal! Let’s get started with a HIIT Workout to get you fit for summer.

Jogging – Jog for 1-2 minutes to get the blood flowing and your body going.
Jumping jacks – start with 30 to 50 jumping jacks per set
Mountain climbers - 30-40 per set
Crunches - 50 per set
Planking – 60 seconds per set
Jump squats – 10-30 per set
Burpees – 5 -10 per set
Stair Sprints – 2 per set
Knee Grab Sit-ups – 30 per set
Jogging – slow it down how we start it up!

Repeat 3 times for the best results right in the comfort of your own home. Also, if you want to see results even faster, practice deep breathing exercises throughout the day alongside eating more lean foods and leafy greens. Next time you’re at your local grocery store, grab a recipe book with healthy delicious 1-2-3 meals that will satisfy your needs. Let’s get our summer bodies in check with Fit Chicks ‘HITT’ workout tips.

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