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Yoga has been a popular workout among so many, but after hearing these reasons to take up yoga, you might be inspired to become a yogi yourself. Yoga works your body, mind, and soul and can be the perfect step in jump-starting your healthy lifestyle. The great thing about yoga is that you can get a great workout, but you don’t have to put stress on your joints or go crazy on a treadmill. If you ask any yogi, they might tell you that yoga is the best workout out there and that these reasons to take up yoga are only the tip of the iceberg in why you should take up yoga.

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It Works Your Body

We all know that yoga is a great workout, but the full body workout it gives you is one of the many reasons to take up yoga. It works your arms, legs, core, and everything in between. Rather than lifting weights, try yoga and strengthen your muscles. You will get a nice lean look rather than build big bulky muscles.


And Your Mind

By doing yoga, you can tone your body and your mind. A key component of yoga is focusing your mind on your movements and clearing your mind of all other thoughts. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed and needing a nice break, a yoga session is the way to go.



Yoga, essentially, is a giant combination of movements designed to stretch your body. It may take a while to show a difference, but eventually you will find yourself to be more flexible. Once you become an advanced yogi, you will be able to contort your body into a wide variety of poses.



You think you’re allowed to slouch in yoga? Nope! You have to focus on strengthening and lengthening your spine. The poses you do will give you the muscle memory to keep your back in the proper posture all day.



A core part of yoga is making sure your breathing is calm and relaxed. We don’t always think about our breathing patterns during our day, but yoga is a time to focus on slow and controlled breathing. It is little things like doing yoga a few times a week that can have a serious impact on your everyday breathing patterns.


Relieves Stress

While all exercise is a great stress relief, yoga is designed to clear your mind, and the anxiety that it is filled with. When you are practicing yoga, you are focused on your body and not everything you have to do for the rest of the day. It will clear your mind and leave you feel rejuvenated.


Healthy Lifestyle

When you spend an hour or so, every day, stretching your body like a pretzel, you are not going to want to undo all of that hard work by eating unhealthy foods and neglecting your body. Yoga is centered on a full body approach to health, including your muscles, breathing, mind, and even lifestyle. It promotes a healthy lifestyle that is free of anxiety and worry and full of healthy choices. Once you take a few yoga classes, you won’t want to cancel out your great feelings after yoga with unhealthy choices.

Just like any good workout, yoga can be very rewarding and can become a staple of your day. Yoga is the perfect way to take a few hours out of your day to focus on your mind, body, and soul. What did you think of these reasons to take up yoga? What are some other great reasons to take up yoga? Do you prefer yoga or another type of workout?

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