Fun Hip Hop Tabata Dance Workout Video ...


Fun  Hip Hop Tabata Dance Workout Video ...
Fun  Hip Hop Tabata Dance Workout Video ...

Want to get in shape but hate working out? No time for the gym? Well, do I have a workout for you. Try this hip hop Tabata workout.

This workout is for anyone who loves to dance while working up a good sweat. It’s not something you have to be especially good at either. Think of it as a fun HIIT workout. Popsugar fitness has paired with fitness trainer, dancer, and singer Keaira Lashae. All you do is dance and have a good time. The best part is it’s only 30 minutes (plus breaks!).

Hip hop Tabata is a dance workout for all fitness levels. You burn a high amount of calories while dancing to some music and having fun. The best part is you can do it in your own home if you don’t feel comfortable in the gym.

Interested? Grab a towel and some water and get ready for this hip hop Tabata workout.

One common theme about working out is that it’s boring or fits into a routine. Some people can’t go to the gym 24/7 due to other responsibilities or that it costs too much for fitness classes. A lot of the time people get bored and choose not to workout for long periods of time. But what if you didn’t have to pay a gym membership to get in shape?

I don’t like going to the gym all the time. When you don’t feel inspired to do something you will most likely stop doing it. After watching this video, I realized that not every workout has to be serious or at the gym. This was probably the first workout I’ve done where I didn’t look at the clock to see when it would be over. Plus, I’ve never sweated so much before when I did go to the gym and workout. I’ve even bought her hip hop Tabata DVD and have seen results already. She even has a dance workout DVD for women who are pregnant.

Keaira is an awesome trainer who not only challenges you but encourages you to go at your own pace and have fun with the workout. She’s goofy and often laughs during the workout which made me feel more comfortable. She’s someone you can relate to and not feel like you have to measure up to her. So give her workout a try and you will be amazed. Also, check out her websites and follow her on social media. Share the video with friends.

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