The Easiest Peasiest Way to Get Abs without Hitting the Gym ...


The Easiest Peasiest Way to Get Abs without Hitting the Gym ...
The Easiest Peasiest Way to Get Abs without Hitting the Gym ...

It’s that time of the year when you see more and more skin as people want to stay cool and show off their toned bodies. You don’t have to go to the beach to want to look buff and have great abs but if you’re going on vacation it’s a wake up call when you realize that your abs are in need of some serious work compared to some of the killer sets that you are seeing on a regular basis! Of course, the most obvious way to chisel yourself in to shape is to get down to the gym, but what if that isn’t a possibility for you right now? Or what if you just absolutely loathe the gym or hate to exercise? Don’t fear! I have a solution! Here is how to get abs without having to hit the gym and you won’t believe how easy it is.

Okay, so here’s how it is done. Start out by breathing in and relaxing your tummy as much as possible. Follow this by breathing out and drawing up your belly button to your spine, melting your ribs in and lifting up your pelvic floor in the same sort of way that you do when you are trying to stop yourself from going to the bathroom.

Do this in repetition for one minute on, one minute off for about three or four minutes. After doing this every single day you will start to see that your belly is drawing in slightly and that muscles that you are working with your breathing and pulling start to become slightly more defined. It’s all about getting in touch with those deep core muscles and engaging them in a pattern that is going to help harden and define them!

You can do this anywhere, any time and there’s no need to even get a whiff of niffy trainers or sweaty gym gear. Now if this isn’t the easiest way to get abs without hitting the gym, who knows what is?

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