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How to Make a Home Gym with Items You Already Own ...

By Lydia

When you think about some of the biggest and best luxuries that the rich and famous in the world get to enjoy, one of the things on top of the list is definitely the privilege of having a home gym! Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to get up in the morning and head to the next room to get your full workout in rather than having to make your way out to a whole other facility that could be miles away? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way; you can have that luxury at a fraction of the cost! Here is how to make a home gym with items that you already own.

1 Chair

You might associate it more with sitting still on your but, but chairs can be great tools for working out! You can put together a great combination of chair squat moves and dip moves that can work on building muscles and resistance in both your arms and your legs, as well as your core!

2 Groceries

Don’t have dumbbells to play with? No problem, just use those bags of groceries that you just bought! They are heavy when you are bringing them in from your car, so it makes sense that they would also make for great weights to do things like sets of bicep curls!


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3 Step Ladder

If you have a step ladder that you use for getting in the attic or cleaning the windows, you can also use it to do some great aerobic step routines. Depending on the ladder’s height compared to your knees, you can also try a few more adventurous jumping exercises, but be careful, those metal ladders are no joke!

4 Homemade Roller

You don’t necessarily need to buy one of those fancy foam yoga rollers, You can achieve a lot of the same positive effects but doing something like rolling up a big dry towel over a kitchen rolling pin! If you secure it well enough, it will be able to take a lot of action!

5 Nintendo Wii

It might not be the most popular games console in the world, but the one thing that the Nintendo Wii is loved for is its ability to make fitness fun. There are so many different games you can buy that get you up and active rather than sitting down with snacks and a controller, and the standing board that comes with the console actually works as an accurate set of scales for weekly tracking.

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