30 Inspiring Ways to Move More and Burn More Calories Every Day ...

Lydia Jane

30 Inspiring Ways to Move More  and Burn  More Calories Every Day  ...

None of us are stupid people, we all know that in order to lose weight, the best way is a solid regime of diet and exercise, but it doesn’t just have to end at the point either. If you are serious about getting in shape, you should be picking up on all of the little things that can contribute on a daily basis too. Here are thirty ways to move more and burn more calories every single day.

1 Drink Lots More Water. It Will Help Your Metabolism, and Also Make You Get up and Move for More Bathroom Breaks!

2 When You Have to Make a Phone Call, Walk around for as Long as You Are Talking

3 Make the Effort to Get out of the Office when It is Your Lunch Break. You’ll Be Adding Some Walking to Your Eating

4 Get Online and do Some Research about Walking Properly. You’d Be Amazed How Much You Can Improve Your Gait

5 If You Work at a Desk, Get Rid of Your Chair and Convert It in to a Standing Environment

6 Suggest Having Walking Meetings at Work. You Get the Same Stuff Done, but Are Active Whilst Doing It

7 Use Cleaning Your Desk Regularly as an Excuse to Get up and Move More Often

8 Park Further Away from Your Work so That You Add in a Little Regular Walk to Your Journey

9 Work out Whilst Watching the TV. Yoga or a Treadmill is Perfect for This Kind of Situation

10 Whenever There is a Commercial Break, Get up and Move around until Your Show Comes Back on

11 Set a Reminder That Gets You to Take Movement Breaks when You Are Working

12 Get a Dog! Walking a Dog Twice a Day is a Great Way to Be More Active, Not to Mention Falling in Love with a Canine Companion!

13 If It’s within Sensible Distance, Make the Decision to Cycle to Work Rather than Drive

14 Always Take the Stairs over an Elevator if There is a Choice to

15 Join a Fitness Class That You Can Participate in on Your Lunch Hour

16 Stand up during Your Meetings Rather than Sit down

17 Whenever You Are Waiting around for Something, like a Kettle or a Microwave, Turn Those Seconds into More Active Ones by Doing a Few Jumps or Stretches

18 Plan Get Togethers with Friends That Involve Being Active, like Hikes

19 Turn Your Household Chores into a Dance Party with the Help of Your Favourite Music

20 Wear a Fitness Tracking Device That Can Trace Your Activity and Let You Know when You Need to Be Doing More

21 Run Small Local Errands on Foot Rather than Racing around in Your Car

22 Tackle Outdoor Tasks like Leaf Raking and Gardening Yourself Rather than Hiring Someone to do It

23 Stand up on the Train, Bus, or Tube Rather than Fighting for a Seat

24 Opt for Dates That Involve Doing Something Outdoorsy Rather than Always Going to a Bar or the Movies

25 Whenever You Are Feeling Stiff or Tired in the Day, do a Few Stretches to Wake Your Body up

26 Always Take a Walk after Dinner to Aid Digestion

27 Sign up for a Charity Walk or Run, do Some Good for Others Whilst Getting Healthy

28 Get out and do Physical Shopping Rather than Online Shopping; You Have to Move around at Least!

29 If You Are Going out for Brunch with Your Girls, Hit up a Workout Class Beforehand so You Don’t Feel so Guilty Indulging!

30 Make the Effort to Regularly Declutter Your Home. It Keeps You Active on a Daily Basis and Prevents Your Living Environment from Becoming a Mess!