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How Can a Rower Help Your Exercise Routine?

By Lydia

Depending on whether you want to lose weight, strengthen your heart, or increase muscle tone, the ultimate piece of exercise equipment is a rowing machine. It does not matter if you are an everyday gym-goer or a once-a-week dabbler, you and your rower will make the ideal combination to improve your overall strength and fitness. Here's **why you should use a rowing machine. **

1 Catch, Drive, Finish, Recover

Rowing is as easy as one-to-four. Catch the oars in the “water” by reaching forward with your arms and stretching your back. Drive to success by pushing with your legs to extension. Finish by pulling the oars to your chest with your arms, increasing your distance as much as possible and improving your splits. Recover by returning your rower to its original position to complete the stroke and prepare for the next.

2 Challenge Yourself

Challenge yourself every time with your rower through 500m splits. How fast did you row the last one? How fast can you row the next? Once you have perfected your pace on your rowing machine you can work at increasing your distance. One kilometer, two kilometers, five kilometers - how far shall you go today?


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3 Build Muscle

Your rowing machine is the best piece of exercise equipment for you to build all-round muscle. With every stroke, you shall work your legs, arms, chest, stomach, and back. Your quadriceps, hamstrings, pectorals, abdominals, triceps, and rhomboids shall share most of the work, whilst your entire body shall benefit from each workout. It is the perfect piece of equipment to help build and retain muscle tone.

4 Lose Weight

You do not need to drive with maximum strength every day, your rower is the most intensive calorie burn of all gym equipment. Easily lose weight by dropping the intensity of your rowing machine a couple of notches and pacing through longer endurance distances. Once you have your rhythm in, you will be amazed at how quickly your body changes shape.

5 Low Impact

The pros of rowing do not end here. Whether you are looking to lose weight or build muscle, rowing machines are low impact pieces of exercise equipment. This means no more aches and pains for those of you used to the Sunday morning jog. Not only will you lose more calories faster and build body tone quicker, you can perform more often and for longer with your rower than with other pieces of exercise equipment.

6 Exercise at Home

You and your fitness regime no longer need to be limited by the weather, nor must you lose precious time travelling to and from a gym. You can row at home whenever you want to. Straight out of bed, before dinner, or in the evening, you are in full control.

Not only are rowing machines compact, they do not look out of place in any home gym or study. Furthermore, if you do not have a home gym, the all-round workout provided by your new rowing machine makes it the perfect starting point. Before buying you should check out some relevant reviews.

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