7 Awesome Ways to Increase Your Stamina ...


7 Awesome Ways to Increase Your Stamina ...
7 Awesome Ways to Increase Your Stamina ...

Stamina is a weird thing, because it isn’t always associated with something like body weight. Someone who falls in the ‘normal’ BMI range might have much weaker stamina than someone who is classed as overweight; that’s how strange things can get when we talk about stamina! Luckily, though, it definitely isn’t something that you are born and stuck with. Just like any other level of fitness, you can absolutely improve on it. Here are seven efficient ways for you to increase your stamina.

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It’s the most obvious point, that’s why it’s first on the list! The more you exercise, the better your cardiovascular health will be, and the fitter you are in a cardio sense, the longer you will be able to go without getting out of puff!


Mix Things up

Keep trying different activities and sports so that your body and muscle memory doesn’t get used to any particular thing. The more variation you can put into your physical routines, the more positively your stamina levels will respond. Something like circuit training is perfect for improving overall endurance.


Branch out

Once you have a solid base of stamina from your usual exercise, look into branching out and trying more niche things like yoga to add strength and stability to your increased endurance. Yoga doesn’t do much for cardio, but it can do lots for strengthening and conditioning your body overall.



Look to add things to your diet that are known for helping stamina. Small of amounts of caffeine per day are recommended, along with other ingredients like ginseng and ashwagandha roots. You can make really hydrating and healthy teas with those two things. Of course, protein and complex carbs are always a plus for endurance.


Avoid Faddy Foods

It’s best to stick to the tried and tested favourites when it comes to stamina boosting foods. Trends come and go for a reason. Something like probiotic supplements for example, they were like promised to boost stamina, but recent studies have proved they have no effect!


Mental Health

If your mental health is poor, it can lead to things like feelings of fatigue and just a general lack of enthusiasm for physical activity. If you can seek help and work on getting your frame of mind in a healthier place, you will almost certainly come to feel that your endurance takes an upward turn as well.


Recovery Time

Some people embark on grand exercise regimes without factoring in days to rest and relax. These recovery days are essential for allowing your body to repair itself and absorb the benefits of the working out that you have been doing. Always make time to recover, otherwise you will drive yourself in to the ground without ever experiencing improved stamina.

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