HIIT πŸ’ͺ for Beginners Who Want to πŸ‘ Burn πŸ”₯ Calories Fast βš–οΈ ...

If you are just starting out on a new exercise regime, or want to start adding new and interesting things to your usual workouts, then why not try HIIT? HIIT stands for high intensity interval training, and basically involves doing a series of intensive exercises in short bursts with short intervals in between each thing. It’s a brilliant form of cardio that helps to do things like boost your metabolism, tone muscle, burn fat and importantly burn lots of calories super fast. You may have heard some hardcore stories about HIIT workouts, people saying they aren’t for the faint-hearted, but that isn’t necessarily true! Here are some videos for HIIT for beginners who want to burn calories fast.

1. 10 Minute Beginner HIIT – MomsIntoFitness

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A user friendly and genuinely fun HIIT workout that is the perfect place to start. It will ease you into what it takes to really get the best out of this type of cardio, and it doesn’t seem scary at all!

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