HIIT for Beginners Who Want to Burn Calories Fast ...


HIIT for Beginners Who Want to Burn Calories Fast ...
HIIT for Beginners Who Want to Burn Calories Fast ...

If you are just starting out on a new exercise regime, or want to start adding new and interesting things to your usual workouts, then why not try HIIT? HIIT stands for high intensity interval training, and basically involves doing a series of intensive exercises in short bursts with short intervals in between each thing. It’s a brilliant form of cardio that helps to do things like boost your metabolism, tone muscle, burn fat and importantly burn lots of calories super fast. You may have heard some hardcore stories about HIIT workouts, people saying they aren’t for the faint-hearted, but that isn’t necessarily true! Here are some videos for HIIT for beginners who want to burn calories fast.

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10 Minute Beginner HIIT – MomsIntoFitness

A user friendly and genuinely fun HIIT workout that is the perfect place to start. It will ease you into what it takes to really get the best out of this type of cardio, and it doesn’t seem scary at all!



This video is designed specifically to focus on all of the areas that are going to help you achieve a killer bikini body. Even when summer has disappeared over the horizon, you can already start preparing for next year!


Body Firming HIIT Workout for Beginners – FitnessBlender

This is a set of effective but simple exercises that are all designed to help you achieved the most toned and firm body possible. You get some nice two minute rests in between rounds so no need to be intimidated.



The beauty of the internet is that it gives you so many different options, and this is just another in a long line that is well presented and well arranged to be both beneficial and fun at the same time.


10 Minute Beginner HIIT Workout – Athlean-XX for Women

This is the kind of workout that you can do even if your kids are running around the house too. They might even want to join in and the good thing about that is that it contains eight different kinds of exercises so they (and you!) won’t end up getting bored from repetition.


25 Minute HIIT Total Body Burn Beginners Workout – BeFiT

This is a workout that ups the length a little bit, but the difficulty level is definitely still at beginner level so don’t worry. Perhaps start with one of the ten minute options and then graduate to this when your stamina is up!


20 Minute Beginners Ultimate Weight Loss Workout – Pschye Truth

If weight loss is your primary reason for getting into HIIT, then this is the perfect place to start. It’s a beginner’s routine that blends both HIIT and Cross Fit, so you know for sure that you are going to be burning a helluva lot of calories!

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