26 Fun Ways to Exercise when You Hate Working out ...

By Lydia

Here’s the thing, the word exercise is one that every one in the world hates. Even the biggest and best fitness gurus in the world would rather it be called something else! That mental hurdle is something that not everyone can get over, so instead of trying out new things, they give up their fitness journey altogether. Don’t do this! There are other paths! Here are twenty-five fun ways to exercise when you hate working out.

1 Go Geocaching. It’s a Super Fun Technology Based Treasure Hunt That Has an Entire Dedicated Community!

2 Unleash Your Inner Child and Go Ice Skating or Roller Skating

3 Find a Scenic Place Nearby and Take a Nice Lengthy Stroll

4 Go on a Nature Hike in an Area of Outstanding Beauty

5 Get Outdoors and Play with Your Dog if You’ve Got One!

6 Take Your Kids or Your Young Relatives to the Park Have an Active Play Session

7 Find Your Nearest Trampoline Park and Get Bouncing!

8 Volunteer at Your Local Dog Shelter to Be a Walker for All of the Canine Companions

9 Go Shopping, but Instead of Driving, Walk to the Shops

10 Do a Lively Spring Clean of Your House, Including Washing the Windows!

11 Watch a Musical or Listen to Music, and Dance and Sing along!

12 Take a Zumba Class at Your Local Gym

13 Have a Dance Party with Your Best Friends, with Songs That Remind You of Your Childhood

14 Take a Cool Kickboxing Class; They Are so Bad Ass

15 Find Your Inner Flashdance Character and Learn How to Dance Properly at a Class!

16 Volunteer to Help Clean up a Local Park. It Gets You Active and Does Something Great for the Community

17 Take a Barre 3 Class Online. You Won’t Regret It!

18 Find Your Nearest Indoor Rock Climbing Facility and Head down There to Have Some Serious Fun

19 Unleash Your Inner Child by Heading to the Park and Playing Tag or Frisbee with Friends!

20 Try Playing Some Interactive Video Games on Something like the Nintendo Wii

21 Go Berry or Apple Picking with Friends. It Gets You Moving and Also Gives You Healthy Snacks to Eat!

22 Try You Hand at Some Cross Country Skiing or Sledding if You Live in the Right Climate

23 Do Some Hard Yard Work and Gardening. You Can Really Work up a Sweat if You do It Right

24 Set up a Fun Field Day for Your Friends That Involves Challenges like Potato Sack Races and Tug of War!

25 Get on Your Bike and Work Those Legs Pedalling Your Way along a Scenic Route

26 When the Weather is Hot outside, Make the Most of It by Running around and Having a Huge Water Fight with Your Pals!

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