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The 5 Gym Commandments to Stick to if You Want to Be Fit ...

By Lydia

I think going to the gym can almost feel like going to church in the sense that you are attending a place that you are dedicated to, to work on something that you believe in, and that makes you feel happy and fulfilled! Of course, just like a religion, the world of gym going comes with its own set of rules and guidelines! Here are the gym commandments to stick to if you want to be fit!

1 Thou Shalt Sign up to All the Classes

dance, entertainment, choreography, performing arts, event, It’s okay if you end up dropping a few along the way, the main thing is that you throw yourself into it with enthusiasm to see which things stick.

2 Thou Shalt Let People Know

face, facial expression, black and white, nose, text, After all, what’s the point in going to the gym unless everyone knows the effort that you are making! You never know, you might get a few friends or colleagues to come along too.

3 Thou Shalt Fake It Till You Make It

gym, room, structure, weight training, indoor cycling, We’ve all done our fair share of pretending to turn up the dial on the spin bike, but after a few weeks of hard work, you will find that you are able to do so authentically anyway!

4 Thou Shalt Make a Playlist

muscle, performance art, girl, recreation, performance, You need to put together a list of tracks that are going to be able to get you through the tough sessions. Don’t trust anyone who works out without headphones on!

5 Thou Shalt Enlist a PT

leisure, performance, entertainment, fun, competition, Even if you only use them for a few weeks, getting the help and advice of a personal trainer can set you up for much better solo workouts in the future.

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