How to Stay Fit in the Freezing Cold Weather ...

If you are that person that loves to stay fit regardless of the weather, let me share tips on how you can stay fit this winter. I am not a fan of the freezing cold but my dedication to exercise overcomes all weather and I refuse to give in. With freezing cold temperatures you may have days you lack motivation because it is simply so cold. And believe me I get it! But if you prepare for the cold and dress in layers it will be much more bearable to work out in the cold. So layer up, grab your hand warmers and get out for a great workout! You can get fit in any weather; even in the freezing cold!

1. Dress in Layers

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Dress in layers with a base layer, over layer and then windbreaker. At this point you may look like a snowman but I guarantee these layers will help significantly. I find even wearing layers with gloves can help you to stay out without getting frostbite. So be smart and layer up to prep for getting fit in the cold!

2. Wear Sunglasses

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If it is cold and you get a nice gust of wind, you may find your eyes watering up and the cold going through you. Protect your eyes from the sun and wind with some sunglasses. Tifosi has a great line of workout eyewear that actually have vents along the side so they do not fog up. So put on your glasses and get ready to pound the pavement in the cold!

3. Wear Hand Warmers

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Amazing how your whole body can be warm at times aside from your hands and feet. Why is this so? Blood circulates to your vital organs like your heart and your hands and feet are last on the list. Don’t grin and bear it as you feel like your phalanges are getting frost bitten; wear hand warmers and feet warmers to protect yourself.

4. Drink up

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It is easy to neglect hydration when it is cool out because you just don’t think about it. If you are covered in sweat on a warm day, the first thing you grab is a water but on cooler days hydration can be neglected. Drink up to avoid becoming dehydrated and just feel better!

5. Cover All

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If you are exercising in the freezing cold wearing capri pants, you may notice your ankles getting numb. The same is true if you forget to wear gloves. Cover all that you can and you will feel the difference and you trap your body heat in. Raise the temperature and feel better by covering your body.

6. Wear a Hat

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Moms advice holds true, wear a hat or you will lose a significant portion of body heat. She was not making this up because without a hat you will stay cool and have trouble warming up. So cover those locks and stay warm on this chilly day while you workout!

7. Change Immediately

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After you exercise in the cold, upon completing your fitness session, you may find the beads of sweat release. As you stand there in sweaty clothes, do not stay in your wet clothes. Change immediately and take a warm shower to get the chill out of your bones.

So follow these tips and do not let a little or a lot of cold scare you away. You deserve to get your fit on, so prioritize your health and get in your best shape, regardless of the weather outside!

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