We All Experience These 7 Things during an Intense Workout ...


We All Experience These 7 Things during an Intense Workout ...
We All Experience These 7 Things during an Intense Workout ...

As you perform intense exercise you experience some incredible changes in your body. You are out of breath, feel your heart beat increasing, feel like you can’t go on, but then you keep going. As beads of sweat pour down your face you will feel like you are accomplishing something so much greater than sitting on the couch. You begin to sweat everyone and before you know it you have completed your workout. And I am pretty sure you will feel so accomplished because there is no better feeling than conquering a workout. Don’t believe me, then try it out for yourself, it is truly the best feeling ever!

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Out of Breath

As you begin to workout hard you find yourself out of breath, your heart racing because you are challenging yourself and this workout session is kicking your butt. I bet you never expected to experience this labored breathing all within the first five minutes but you choose to go on.


Feel like You Can’t Continue

As you perform this ultra-intense workout you feel like you cannot continue. How in the world can you do this for another 45 minutes? But before you throw in the towel and call it quits, you decide to continue.


Have Some Negative Self –talk

You tell yourself things like I can’t, this is not for me and I am not strong. And this negative self -talk is beginning to bring you down but then another voice takes over and this is the one you should really listen to.


Followed by Positive Talk

This new voice is positive and seems to have the real answers, this is the, yes I can voice. This voice is positive and will lead the way in helping you to push through the pain. So listen to the voice that will pick you up not let you down.


Sweat Pours down Your Face

As beads of sweat pour down your face from this intense workout, enjoy the burn because you earned this. Feel every calorie that you are burning and work your body to the max. And know that every move you make is helping you to achieve your goal!


You Sweat Everywhere

Now you feel sweat across your legs, back and even stomach. Instead of being turned off, be turned on because you are working to achieve this. Look as sweat as your fat cells crying. So let them cry their way off your body and keep going!


You Feel Relieved and Thankful Because You Did It

AS you finish your workout, remember to finish strong. Smile because you accomplished another great workout, and an intense one nonetheless. Finish with your head up and be thankful because you did it. Your body is capable of accomplishing amazing things so just do it!

Remember all of this when you work out and learn to be comfortable feeling uncomfortable. It is going to hurt but I promise you it will all be worth it!

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Yessss!!! I workout at least once a day everyday regardless of whether I want to so feel some of these every day lol . Lol @Jennapher! Awesome quote xx

"Look at sweat as your fat cells crying." That's perfect, Tara! And it's something I'll remember!

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