The Star Wars Exercise Challenge ...


The Star Wars Exercise Challenge ...
The Star Wars Exercise Challenge ...

You don't need the force to conquer your New Years' fitness resolutions, but adding Star Wars to your work out routine never hurts! And if you're anything like me, the latest Star Wars has you watching all the old ones all over again! That means watching a lot of TV— time you could use more effectively. Luckily, with this Star Wars exercise challenge, you can have a guilt-free binge-watching session!

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Light Saber

Light Saber Challenge: 5 burpees
Pretty sure those light sabers aren't so easy to carry! If you want to be as strong as a Jedi, do five burpees every time you see someone use a light saber. If you haven't done burpees before, all you do is drop into a plank and jump back up, then repeat. If you're feeling daring, add in a pushup while you're in plank!


Use Force

Use Force Challenge: 30 sec wall sit, 30 sec plank
Using the force is all about concentration and mastering the skill of mind over matter. You'll have to apply the same concept when you endure a 30 second wall sit and 30 second plank. Your legs and core will thank you later!


Flying in Space

Flying in Space Challenge: 10 squat jumps
Don't you ever wish you could fly from planet to planet as easily as Han Solo does? Unfortunately we can't fly—yet!—but we certainly can jump! Every time you see someone flying a spaceship, do 10 squat jumps.


Storm Troopers

Storm Troopers Challenge: 10 Toy Soldiers (5 per leg)
Storm Troopers don't get to be the most fearsome army in the galaxy by just sitting on a couch eating popcorn, do they? No, they work hard just like you! Every time you see a group of storm troopers march in for battle, do 10 toy soldiers. In order to do this challenge kick your left leg to right hand, then right leg to left hand, and repeat for a total of five times each leg. Make sure to keep your spine tall and your core strong! For an example watch here:


C3PO Talks

C3PO Talks Challenge: 15 tricep dips
C3PO has some gorgeous, lean arms, doesn't he! If you want sculpted arms like his, you'll have to do the work! Luckily for you, C3PO talks often, so you'll do plenty of tricep dips throughout the movies!


Alien Language

Alien Language Challenge: 20 Russian twists
I really have to give the makers of Star Wars credit for all of the creative energy they put into creating so many unique—and, in many cases, creepy— aliens! Plus, many of them speak their own alien languages! Any time you hear an alien speak a foreign tongue, pay homage to another foreign language, Russian, by doing 20 Russian twists! After a while, your abs will be crying in every language!


New Planet

New Planet Challenge: 7 push ups
After weeks in space, I'm sure you'd be happy to finally walk on dry land! Happy enough to kiss the ground even! For each of your seven push ups, try to get your face as close to the ground as possible without completely dropping your body.

Believe it or not, working out can be fun! And watching movies doesn't have to be lazy. You can combine what you love and hate to find something new you enjoy. How did you do on the Star Wars Exercise Challenge?

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I was only able to do 71% of it lol! ☺️

Very cool article

Now I was able to do 85% of it and I took one break because I was tired lol! ☺️

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