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7 of the Most Effective Exercises to Transform Your Body ...

By Tara

Did you know that there are certain exercises to transform your body? Yes, this is true! These exercises are effective in burning calories along with strengthening your body. And if you stick to these exercises, along with making healthier food choices, you can transform your body. Eager to find out what these exercises are? I do not blame you because these exercises are amazing. You do not want to waste time doing other exercises when there are certain exercises to transform your body like these:

1 Squats

The squat is an ultra-effective exercise in toning your glutes, strengthening and burning mega calories. To increase your heart rate and increase your calorie expenditure, you can perform jump squats. And to add resistance and feel the burn, stay in a squat hold with weights in your hands. Squats are one of the most effective exercises to transform your body.

2 Lunges

Lunges are a super effective exercise in toning the muscles in your legs. What makes lunges give you such great results is that they isolate each leg individually, bringing you more results. To increase the intensity and add some cardio, try doing some jump lunges.

3 Running

As Jillian Michaels states, as much as she does not always love running, this is an exercise that burns such a high amount of calories and brings you such great results, how can you not do this? Although I actually enjoy running, because I always feel such a sense of accomplishment after I complete my run!

4 Jumping Rope

Jumping rope burns the most calories per minute than any other exercise. Jumping rope is great because this is inexpensive and easily portable workout that you can do anywhere. So get jumping for a great workout and a lot of fitness fun!

5 Cycling

Want to work your legs and get a great sweat? Then get out for a cycling workout. Cycling is a great workout because you can push yourself at a high intensity. You can cycle solo or bring along a friend. Whatever you do, make sure you push yourself so that you can make the most of your workout.

6 Swimming

Swimming is a great workout that will bring you amazing results, especially if you are a good swimmer. Alternate with the different stroke styles so that you can work different muscle groups. A swimming workout can transform your body and strengthen you core. So what are you waiting for? Head to the pool for a dip, already!

7 Pushups

Pushups make the list of exercises to transform your body because they really work. There are so many different pushups you can do that work the different muscles in your arms and shoulders. By varying your pushup style you will also decrease the risk of becoming bored. I love how pushups not only work your upper body but also focus on the core. Challenge yourself to doing pushups several days a week so that you can sculpt your arms and transform your body!

Hope you enjoyed this list of exercises that will transform your body and hopefully you will do these exercises so that you can see these results. Results are achieved through your hard work and discipline, and a passion for fitness always helps. What are your goals and how will you achieve these goals?

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