7 Amazing Things That Happen when You Get in Shape ...


Your heart pounding, heavy breathing, your red face and the sweat beads dripping down; these are all what happens when you exercise to get in shape. And once exercise becomes a regular part of your schedule, there are some incredible things that inevitably happen. You will have more energy, boost your immune system, sleep more efficiently and so much more. So if you have been sitting on the sidelines, it is time to get up and get moving! Here are just a few things that happen when you get in shape:

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Have More Energy

Think waking up early in the morning will drain your energy for the day? Think again. If you get your workout in early in the morning (or any time you can), you will become more alert and have more energy to be more productive! So get up and get your workout in so that you can get in shape!


Ironically, early risers often experience enhanced stamina and vitality throughout their day. The rush of endorphins you receive from morning exercises can lead to a more profound sense of well-being and a boost in mental clarity. This can translate into tackling tasks with improved focus and efficiency. Thus, channeling that newfound energy into your daily routine not only helps in sculpting your physique but also in elevating your overall productivity and mood. Make it a habit, and watch your energy levels soar!


Lose Weight

If you exercise routinely, you may notice the clothing in your closet becoming looser as you lose weight and become more toned. Step on a scale to see the difference or better yet take your measurements. Just make sure you avoid eating excess calories after you exercise and make healthy food choices. Healthy eating is a vital part of losing weight!


Sleep Better

As you lay down after a long day you may find yourself tossing and turning, reflecting on the events of the day. Try a strenuous workout and you may notice yourself sleeping soundly and feeling great. And one more thing - you will sleep soundly when you work out. Make sure you find time for your fitness today, so you sleep sound like a baby!


When you get in shape, there are many benefits beyond just feeling great and having more energy. Exercise can help you sleep better and feel more rested. Studies have shown that people who engage in regular physical activity have improved sleep quality and duration.

The benefits of a good night's sleep are numerous. A good night's sleep can help improve your memory, creativity, and concentration. It can also reduce stress levels and help you make better decisions. Additionally, getting enough sleep can help you maintain a healthy weight.

Regular exercise can also reduce the risk of developing sleep disorders, such as insomnia and sleep apnea. Exercise can help regulate your body's internal clock, which helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Exercise can also reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep and reduce the number of times you wake up during the night.

In addition to helping you sleep better, exercise can also help you relax and reduce stress. Regular physical activity can release endorphins, which are hormones that can help reduce stress and anxiety. Exercise can also help you manage stress better by providing a distraction from stressful thoughts.


Think Clearer

Want to be more collective in your thoughts and think more clearly? Then get out for a workout! Exercise improves your cognitive function to have you feeling like you have a mega mind. Aim for 45 minutes to one hour just five days a week to see the best results!


You Enjoy Muscle Soreness

When you get in better shape, you begin to enjoy muscle soreness. After an intense workout you may even crave feeling sore from your muscles being worked. With each day of soreness after a hard workout, you will feel like you accomplished more. Your new motto becomes, be sore or be sorry you did not work hard enough!


Your Skin Looks Better

As you exercise and remove toxins from your body, you notice something amazing - your skin starts to become more clear, youthful, and moist. People may even tell you that your skin is glowing! It's amazing how much exercise changes you on the inside and out!


You Are More Confident

You walk in a room with your head up and with an air of confidence. You cannot help but smile at others because you just feel good. And you are happiest after you finish a great workout. You are fit, in shape and ultra-confident! Amazing how getting in shape helped you to become this confident!

Now that you know just a few of the inevitable things that happen when you get in shape, are you ready to get in the best shape of your life? Then start exercising on a regular basis and find fitness routines you enjoy! Defy age and feel amazing for a lifetime when you get in super shape. Wishing you happiness and great health.

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I totally agree!!

So true :)

Tara is a great trainer & she writes the best articles 😊

I am only 13 and i recently started a heakthier lifestyle choice and i defenitly have more energy i sleep better. Im nit sure if i have lost weight for i do not weigh myself unless i am at the doctors. But i completly agree with this article

Great article (:

Yes you feel alive and beautiful full of vitality

I agree with this article. Losing weight was the best decision I made.

So true so true (;

This is so true :)

I freaking enjoy Muscle soreness 💪😇

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