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7 Fitness Habits You Need to Establish While You Are Young ...

By Tara

There are certain fitness habits you need to establish when you are young so that you make better choices throughout your life. If you develop unhealthy habits at a young age, as you get older, it may be tough to break these poor habits. If you live a healthier life at a young age, you will find it becomes part of your lifestyle forever. So are you ready to discover the fitness habits you need to establish when you are young?

1 Always Eat Breakfast

One of the most important fitness habits you can adopt is to always eat breakfast. Eat lean protein like eggs or a wholesome breakfast like oatmeal to start your day with lots of energy, to get your metabolic rate going strong and to fuel your workouts.

2 Stay Active Throughout the Day

Ditch the video games and movie watching to stay active throughout the day. Strong video gaming thumbs will not help you achieve a stronger heart and better health. If you develop habits of staying active while you are young, you will be more likely to continue to stay active as an adult.

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3 Eat Mini Meals

Eating right is not just about what you eat but also when. If you learn to fuel your body with healthy mini meals throughout the day, you will find you have more energy to stay active and your body will stay trim. Just make sure that all your mini meals consist of fruits, veggies and whole grains.

4 Be Open to New Fitness Options

Try new workouts and do not be afraid to switch things up. There are endless possibilities when it comes to fitness so don't be afraid to develop a habit of openmindedness: try rock climbing, surfing, dancing, or anything else out of the ordinary. Being open to try new workouts will give you some lifelong new fitness experiences to enjoy!

5 Back to Basics

Another easy habit to form is to to not dismiss the basic fitness exercises. For example, jumping rope is a great workout. Jumping rope is a lot of fun and it brings you back to the basics of just being a child and having fun. And jumping rope is the highest caloric expenditure per minute than any other workout.This proves having good fitness habits doesn't always mean high-tech equipment and complex workout routines.

6 Make Exercise Part of Your Life

Make exercise part of your life each day, just like brushing your teeth, washing your hair or any other daily habit that you may have. If you start this at a younger age, you will find as an adult, it will be easier for you to stick with an exercise program.

7 Amplify Your Workouts

Do not get comfortable doing the same daily run on the treadmill at the gym without pushing yourself; this is sort of breaking a habit, rather than making a new one, but it still makes sense. If you're finding that your workouts are becoming routine, you just may need to boost your workouts a bit. You should be completing each workout covered in sweat. And you should be feeling labored in your breathing when you work out or you need to take it up a notch. This is a habit you should develop at a younger age because this shapes how you will be later in life. You can always push yourself more in fitness and all aspects of life; sometimes you need to just need a boost.

Now that you know the fitness habits that you should establish at a younger age, do you practice any of these habits already? If not, you should start so you can live a healthy life and look great!

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