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Signing up for a yoga class is one of the best things you can do for your physical and mental health—if you’re doing it for the right reasons. Often we jump into certain trends because our friends are, or because we think it’s the ‘right’ thing to do. Before signing up for a yoga class, ask yourself these seven questions.

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Why Are You Taking a Yoga Class?

Before signing up for a yoga class, it’s best to ask yourself why you’re signing up in the first place. Are you signing up because your friend has started practicing yoga and keeps raving about how much better she feels? Are you signing up because you want a gentle form of exercise that’s easy on your joints? Whatever your reason, make sure you’re coming from a good place. Signing up for a yoga class for reasons based in ego, jealousy, or other negative feelings will only hurt your practice.


Have You Taken Yoga Classes before?

Another important question is whether or not you’ve taken yoga classes before. If you’re a total newbie, it might be best to start with a beginner’s course. If you’ve been practicing for years, perhaps you will enjoy that hot or bikram class! Whether or not you’ve taken classes will also determine how much you understand about yoga culture and class policies, such as removing your shoes before entering the studio or remembering to silence your phone before class starts.


Have You Met the Teacher?

How you connect with your yoga teacher has an enormous impact on how you’ll perform in the class. I’ve had many classmates swear by a certain instructor only to find that I personally didn’t connect with the teacher. If possible, try to meet with your potential teacher and see if you two have a vibe. Yoga is all about the right balance of energy, making it essential to have a teacher who makes you feel good about your practice.


Level of Difficulty in the Class?

Your experience in yoga will definitely determine what level of difficulty you embark upon. As stated, new students should opt for beginner’s courses while more advanced students shouldn’t be afraid of challenging classes. Make sure that the class is at your personal fitness level. If it’s too easy, you’ll probably stop showing up out of boredom. Too hard, and you might be too intimidated to attend.


Is the Class Located Nearby?

The location of the yoga class is also something to consider. If the studio is far away from your home or work, you might not be as motivated to attend regularly. Take the time to make things easy for yourself! Pick a studio or gym that’s near your house or office to make your yoga class as simple as packing your mat and a change of clothes the night before.


How Much Does the Class Cost?

Cost is another factor that will go into your decision of signing up for a yoga class. There are a variety of payment plans, so pick which is best for you. New students might benefit from paying only for a fixed course that’s 1-2 times a week. Advanced yogis might benefit from a flat rate fee where you pay more each month, but take unlimited classes.


Are You Going to Stick with It?

This is the final, but perhaps most important question before taking a yoga class. If you’re spending considerable money on a class and new clothes/accessories, it’s important to consider if you’re going to stick with things. You don’t want to waste your hard-earned money! Many studios let you try yoga classes for free or at a discounted rate—do this to figure out if yoga is right for you!

Ultimately, yoga is not supposed to be something you stress over. What are some of your tips for people who are considering taking a yoga class?

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I did ballet for 17 years and stopped after a torn acl. I didn't want to lose my ballerina body so I started doing bikram yoga. for those who don't enjoy being extremely hot this is not the type of yoga for you. I love being warm but 105 degrees is a different story. at certain points I had to sit down and let my body cool itself down. now I practice it regularly but if you do hot yoga bring plenty of fluids!!! I can't stress that enough. I thought one water would suffice but I could've used three more. my boyfriend is a golfer and practices yoga with me and he passed out his first day. just remember fluids and minimal clothes!

thanks for the advice . I have been thinking about doing yoga for a while but I didn't know how to go about it.

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