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Are you looking for ways to push yourself because you are tired of the same old workouts? By adding some variety and switching up your fitness routine you can restore your energy and start to see great results. New exercises can also help you to see more results and transform your body. All it takes is a simple shift with some new exercises to rejuvenate yourself. Then you will find yourself exercising stronger and with a spring in your step! Here are the ways to push yourself with new fitness routines:

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Outdoor Exercises

To amplify your energy, why not try an outdoors fitness routine of running, mini breaks with jumping jacks and walking lunges. You can do this over several miles. This is a great way to get in an excellent fat burning session while pushing yourself. In fact, studies show exercising outside is one of the best ways to push yourself.


Pushup Challenge

Lacking muscle tone and strength in your arms? Embark on a push up challenge by increasing the amount of pushups you can do daily by just one. On day 100, you will be able to perform that many pushups. Now that is
awe-inspiring and a great way to push yourself!


Chin up Challenge

Lacking muscle tone in your shoulders and core? Embark on a chin up challenge by focusing on performing as many chin ups as you possibly can. Chin ups develop strength in your back, shoulders and core. When beginning, do not be surprised if you have trouble performing just one, simply hanging from the bar will help you to gain strength. But as you get stronger, you will see a difference in your ability to lift your body up. Make a goal of performing 3-7 by the end of the month.


Core Challenge

Start introducing more abdominal exercises into your fitness regimen so you gain more strength. Better yet, dedicate one workout completely to core exercises. Perform the plank, crunches, side crunches, and superman and repeat for 3 sets.


Squat Challenge

To tone your legs and glutes, while boosting your metabolism, add some squats into your training. To challenge yourself to new results, make a goal to increase your squat hold by a minute each week. In 4 weeks you will be up to 4 minutes, and will have boosted your metabolism by building lean muscle, looking great as a result!


Speed Workout

To push yourself with a new fitness routine, head to the track for a speed workout. Run as fast as you can for one mile, then jog lightly for one lap around the track (which is a quarter of a mile). Repeat for 4-6 times for a great workout pushing yourself. You should finish this workout not only drenched in sweat but exhausted from pushing yourself so hard.


Mini Tri

To push yourself in your workout and switch gears, perform a mini triathlon. This workout can be performed weekly at your gym to boost your fitness routine. To perform a mini tri, swim laps for 30 minutes, bike for 30 minutes and run for 30 minutes. This is an ultra-intense workout that will help boost your motivation and help you push in your workout routine.

Now that you have ways to boost your workout, are you ready to try these new workouts and boost your results? With hard work and dedication, you can do anything!

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Chin-Ups, I might just try some of these

Both the woman I am talking to & myself are female bodybuilders. she's 5'10 and 189 lbs and I am 4'8 and 95 lbs, trying to get up to 105 lbs by the end of June. Anyways we do all of these & love working out!:)

I love the challenges you suggested.

I just started strength training with a trainer I can't wait until I love it like @Samantha.

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