7 Ways to Intensify Your Workouts in the Warmer Weather ...


As the weather warms up, you may be wondering about the best ways to intensify your workouts. With warmer weather it is often easier to get outdoors for a great workout. You don't have to wear as many layers and you have the ability to breathe easier, so why not head outdoors for a great workout? As a certified trainer for over a decade and a fitness enthusiast myself, I am constantly sharing ways to intensify your workouts, like these great tips:

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Do a Park Workout

A park workout is a great way to use the great outdoors to your best ability while burning mega calories. Head to the park and utilize the park running route and the playground equipment to get your fitness session on. The monkey bars can be used for chin ups, and you can use the benches for step ups and even pushups. A park workout is one of the best ways to intensify your workouts.


Go for a Trail Run

Head to a local trail to run off road and get a great workout in. Trail running or walking is a great way to challenge yourself, especially if it is a rocky trail, which helps strengthen your core. Trail workouts also are a great way to avoid pounding on the pavement. So head for a 4-6 mile trail run to push yourself to the next level.


Bike the Trails

Try something new this year and head out for a bike ride on the trails. Riding your bike on the trails is a great way to switch things up. If you are going to a very rocky trail, you can often find guides to go with you or even take an adventure lesson. This is a great way to switch things while pushing yourself.


Swim Laps in Your Pool

With warmer temperatures, you can skip the grueling indoor gym and head to your own backyard for a workout. If you have a pool, why not utilize it for something other than relaxation? Swim laps in your pool to get a great total body workout. Make a goal of doing this 2 days a week for 20 minutes and add just 2 minutes to your time each week, until you reach close to an hour.


Go Surfing

Surfing is a great workout and a lot of fun in the sun with warmer weather. If you haven't tried surfing just yet, this may be a great thing to do on your next vacation. Or you can even head to the beach and hire a few lessons to master the basics. This is a great way to intensify your workouts in the warmer weather!


Play Some Volleyball

Need some girl bonding lately? Well head to the local park or beach and grab your friends for some girl power fun fitness. Volleyball is a great workout, especially if you are playing a competitive game, so place the stakes high and have a blast!


Tennis Singles, Anyone?

Tennis is a great sport that you can play the rest of your life if you play your cards right, so put on your tennis skirt and head to the court. If you are looking for a way to blow off some steam while you get your workout in, this just may be the sport for you. Tennis is a great way to burn calories while you enjoy yourself, so grab a court partner and your racket for a great workout!

Now that you know just a few of the ways to intensify your workouts in warmer weather, are you ready for the challenge? Get working and have some fun in the sun!

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very nice😄

Ooo, I feel bad now. Typically when it gets hot out, I workout inside. I guess I'm not a total failure though, I do swim often

very nice

I love running in the sunshine ! best feeling in the world and bonus .. you catch a tan !

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