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What if I told you that some of the best kid-friendly activities could also give you a great workout? Whether you’re a mom, babysitter, or just a kid at heart, doing more kid-friendly activities can get your heart pumping and put you in a good mood too! Fitness isn’t just about hitting the gym or following along with a workout DVD. It's about taking care of you heart and moving your body more. Next time you find yourself bored with your day-to-day workout, or you’re caring for your kids or babysitting, try some of these kid-friendly activities. You’ll burn calories and relieve stress all in just a few fun minutes!

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Jump Rope

Jump Rope Kids love jumping rope and it’s one of the best kid-friendly activities for you too! Jumping rope strengthens your heart and lungs, shrinks your waistline, and improves your endurance. Try to work up to five minutes and if you’re with kids, hold a contest to see who can go the longest to make things fun. You'll also get an even better workout this way, as long as you don't lose!



Skipping You might look silly doing it alone, but with kids you should be safe! Skipping is like jumping rope when it comes to cardiovascular benefits. And remember, the higher you lift your knees, the better the workout. Legs up, ladies!


The Trampoline

The Trampoline Many women are actually using a trampoline or rebounder for exercise on their own, even without kids. The trampoline is almost every child’s favorite and it’s great for you too! Any form of jumping improves your lymph flow, and it even decreases cellulite and abdominal fat.



Softball Softball is a kid-friendly activity that everyone can enjoy, all in your backyard or a park. This activity engages your core, legs, and works your cardiovascular system. If you play catcher, you’ll get a great glutes workout in too!



Swimming Most kids love to swim, and so should you if you're looking for a killer workout. Swimming is a great way to lose weight, but it's also a great form of exercise if you suffer from joint pain and sore muscles. Many athletes who are injured also use water exercises like swimming to strengthen their lungs and improve their endurance.



Gymnastics Even if you’re not great at cutting flips and doing cartwheels, gymnastics is a kid-friendly activity that still gives you a great workout. You can do gymnastics in your living room or a large outside space by simply doing back bends, learning to balance on a beam or pole, and if you’re brave, practice those cartwheels too!



Biking Who doesn’t love to hop on a bike and ride with the wind? Biking is a favorite kid-friendly activity that can improve your glute strength, give you leaner legs, and improve your endurance. Plus, it might help you show off your spinning skills next time you hit the gym!

Doing more kid-friendly activities is a fantastic way to gain more strength, vamp up your current workout, and add a little fun to your day. If you have kids, these activities are also wonderful for them. They will prevent the kids from sitting too much or spending all their time indoors. Plus, for the most part, these activities are all 100% free! Who said exercising was just for adults? Do you do any of these kid-friendly activities?

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who's the skipper?

seems like the skipper needs to gain some weight

Swimming is a great one to have on here, it wasn't until I joined a swim team that I realized swimming was the most difficult sport out of all of them. Don't agree with me? You try swimming 76+ laps in a 2-Hour practice.

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