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Certain exercises are more challenging than others and after you conquer them you will feel accomplished and amazed. Discover your inner athlete today and begin to push yourself a little more. Break the boredom and push yourself further. Do more, just be better. To be the best version of yourself you have to push harder and give it all that you got. So where do you get started? I will share the 7 fitness moves that will transform your body and you will feel so proud.

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Okay so the beloved burpee is one of the more challenging exercises that will definitely test your athletic potential and endurance. But once you master this move you will most certainly be proud because the exercise combines a squat, a push up, and a jump; all in one. Follow along in this video as I guide you with proper form. And please be forgiving of me as I am 5 months pregnant in this video ;--)!


Chin up

Chin ups are an incredible strength move that once you master you will feel so unbelievably accomplished. Resist the temptation to swing and use momentum when performing this exercise. Use your upper body strength and pull yourself up!


Clapping Push up

Put more energy into your push up and attempt a plyo or clap push up. This is an explosive exercise that will not only work your upper body but also your core. So push yourself to something more and perform this challenging exercise today. I guarantee once you master this move you will feel proud of this accomplishment!



The plank is one of the best abdominal exercises to work your back, stomach, and hip flexors. Begin with just 15 seconds and work your way up to several minutes. Focus on form and follow along with this video to make this most out of the exercise. Once you master the plank you will just feel stronger!


Dead Lifts

Dead lifts are one of the best exercises to target your hamstrings and glutes. Follow along with the model in this video to focus on form and make this most out of this ultimate exercise. Once you master this move you will feel stronger and more powerful!


Jack Knife

Jackknives are an effective abdominal exercise to target your rectus abdominus and obliques. Fully extend your leg and bring your arms and legs together, folding to perform one repetition. Tighten your core to make the most out of this workout like in this video. And have fun working your body strong!


Star Burst

Try this super plyometric exercise that involves a squat and a jump, aka the starburst exercise. This exercise is a core workout in marine training and for good reason, it is super challenging! So push yourself to achieve more by performing the starburst exercise! You will feel incredible after you not just master this move but have the endurance to perform 20 in a row!! Now that is amazing!

So are you ready to master these moves and feel amazing? Then follow along to these videos and get going!

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