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It’s no secret that yoga is an effective workout for many reasons. It builds muscle all over your body and helps you build endurance, flexibility and muscle tone. It will make you stronger and leaner. This translates to a faster metabolism, maximizing your calorie burn. You don’t have to spend the money to join a yoga studio because you can find loads of great tutorials for doing it right at home. Here are some of the best.

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Yoga for Complete Beginners

Here’s a great tutorial for beginners of yoga. It only takes 20 minutes and shows you some of the most basic and effective moves. You’ll get a blow by blow account of how to do each of the poses and you can watch the girl in the video to be sure you are executing each of them properly. Once you gain some confidence, you can move on to more advanced videos.


Yoga Workout for the Ultimate Bikini Body

When summer is on its way or it’s already here, you’re probably working to look hot in your bikini. This workout promises to help get you there. The routine is easy to copy and the narrator is sure to tell you each and every thing you need to do throughout the tutorial. The presence of more than one yogi gives you several perspectives for mastering each of the poses.


Yoga Meltdown: Level 1

This video starts Jillian Michaels so you know it has to be good. She talks about each pose and then shows you how to do it, so that you can copy her form. This workout promises to burn fat, tone your muscle and make you stronger. Perfect!


Morning Yoga for Weight Loss

Are you the kind of girl that likes to get your workout done first thing when you get up? Are you trying to lose weight? This video is your new go-to. It takes you through a routine you can blast through in the morning while also torching calories for weight loss. The entire routine is only 20 minutes and the poses are pretty simple to master.


Total Body Yoga Workout

What more could you ask for than a yoga workout that targets every part of your body? There isn’t a trouble spot that this routine won’t address. Tim Sensei is your inspiration and he shows you how to do effective poses that build strength and tone throughout your body.


Vinyasa Yoga Tutorial

Looking for a yoga routine that’s longer? This is the one for you. At 45 minutes in length, you’ll have to block time for it, but you’ll be so glad you did. The tutorial is specifically the Vinyasa form of yoga and is for beginners to intermediate exercisers. You can follow the entire routine or skip the poses that you need to practice more.


For Strength and Energy

You know that yoga is great for building strength in your muscles, but did you know that it can energize you too? Don’t believe me? This tutorial is all the proof you need. After completing the 50 minute session, you’ll feel a boost to your energy levels and will be ready for whatever the rest of the day holds for you.

Do you practice yoga regularly? What’s your favorite pose? I love Child’s Pose and Tree Pose! Do you have any tips for getting the most out of yoga?

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