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As athletes, we all want to increase our endurance, especially if you are a runner or performing another endurance sport. But does this mean you have to spend countless hours going the distance? Yes and no. Increased time on your feet will help substantially, but there is so much more than just this. Follow these 7 super effective ways to build your endurance so you can go the distance with a smile!

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Build up Your Running but Be Patient

One of the most effective ways to build your endurance is to just simply run. This exercise will help you get in your best shape without costing a fortune. All you need is a good pair of running shoes to start. Begin with a dynamic stretch like in this video. And follow along because running is the foundation to everything we do in fitness.


Climb up Those Hills

Walking, jogging and even sprinting up hills can help you to build up your endurance. Build up gradually as you become stronger. Also perform squats and lunges up hills to bump up the intensity and help you get to your goal of better endurance. Have fun challenging yourself to do more!


Run Long Slow Distance

If you want to build your endurance you have to put in the proper training and run some long, slow distances. Follow the tips in this video and do not forget to eat plenty of foods high in vitamin C and iron to help you recover from your runs. Be inspired by this video because with the right training, you can become a stronger athlete!


Make Every Workout Count by Doing HIIT

Check out the fitness blender high intensity workout to help you to build your endurance. These exercises are all body weight driven and ultra-intense. So push yourself to see maximum results in a short amount of time. Follow along to the great instruction in this video to keep control of your body and make the most out of every fitness moment!


Add in Some Plyometrics

In this 7-minute cardio endurance workout, you will work your total body, bring up your heart and boost your metabolic rate. As you get stronger you can perform up to 6 sets of this routine to build your endurance and get in great shape. So have fun while pushing your body to the max!


Bump up the Tempo

To have fitness and endurance gains, perform a 20-minute tempo and run at 80-85% of your maximum heart rate. You will get stronger without the stress on your body from sprinting. To get stronger, perform this workout 2 days a week.


Take a Longer High Intensity Bike Ride

Endurance rides can help you to go longer and feel stronger. But just like anything, you have to do your homework and put in the time training. In this video, they review tips to help you make the most out of a 4-6 hour bike ride. Listen, take notes and work out smarter, not harder!

With all these great endurance workouts, get eager and excited to see great results and remember every fitness second counts. Are you ready to work to achieve amazing endurance results?

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