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7 Tips to Squeeze a Workout in ...

By Tara

Because I accomplish a great deal of tasks each day, I love to share my tips to squeeze a workout in because no matter how busy the day, you can always find time for fitness. As a busy mom of three, business owner and avid volunteer, life can be quite chaotic at times, but exercise has always given me balance and peace within myself. No matter how rough a day, I always find time for my workouts because it is my priority. So let me share with you tips to squeeze a workout in:

1 Early Bird Gets the Worm and a 6 Pack

By rising just 30 minutes earlier you can squeeze in your workout before you start the day. The best part about early morning workouts is that it is rare that any other circumstance will get in the way. I enjoy exercising in the morning because this boosts my energy level and elevates my mood. Exercising early so there are no distractions tops the tips to squeeze a workout in.

2 Lunch Time Workout

Skip the lunch out at a restaurant because it is so overrated and go for a run, walk or short segment at the gym. You can still get back to work in enough time and even enjoy a salad. Most companies provide an hour for lunch, which is plenty of time to get your workout in, get cleaned up and back to your office.

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3 Mini Workouts Add up

Studies show small segments of fitness add up to big results. If you do not have enough time to exercise for 30 minutes to 1 hour at once, break up your workout into two or three sessions. If you exercise in several sessions you may find it easier to push harder, since this is for a shorter duration. This is also a great way to build up your endurance. Remember, since this is for a shorter time, it is important to make every minute count.

4 Bus Time Workout

Waiting for your children to arrive at the bus and feeling like your time is wasting away? Then why not use this time for your workout? Perform walking lunges down the street, then run back and forth until the bus arrives. If the bus is 15 minutes late you can squeeze in a two mile run and you will stress less waiting for the children.

5 Work Place Workout

Fitness workouts do not have to always be dedicated time for your workout. Squeeze in small bouts of fitness at work by sitting on a balance ball as your chair, running up the office stairs and lunging while waiting on the copier. To add some more exercise visit your office mates to discuss work related events rather than sending an email. Make every fitness moment count to squeeze your workout in. Be creative and you will motivate your coworkers to find time for fitness!

6 Night Owl Fitness Blast

Not up for an early morning workout but finding yourself up late to watch nighttime shows? Then why not blast some calories with a night owl fitness workout? If you enjoy staying up, why not utilize your shows to motivate you to exercise? I seldom watch television but when I do, I make it a rule to always work out. Set up a cardio and strength routine so that you can blast yourself to achieve great results in the wee hours of the night.

7 House Chores Add up

Having trouble finding time for your workouts but have to accomplish many house chores today? Don’t stress, multitask and get your workout in while getting your home spic and span. Put some muscle into your window cleaning, do ten pushups when you scrub the floors, do some tricep dips in the middle of your vacuuming and move your body to some music as your dance your home clean. Cleaning workouts rock because it is a lot of fun to think out of the box to get your workout in.

Hope you have enjoyed my tips to find time for fitness and squeeze your workout in. How often do you exercise and what is your favorite time of day to workout?

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