9 Fitness Ideas for Busy Moms ...


9 Fitness Ideas for Busy Moms ...
9 Fitness Ideas for Busy Moms ...

If you have a hectic lifestyle, here are some fitness ideas for busy moms that will help you kick it into shape by the end of summer! Staying fit and losing weight seem to be at the top of everyone’s list of things to do, so here are your first few steps to making it happen! These fitness ideas for busy moms are easy, affordable, and best of all, no childcare needed! Please keep reading to learn some splendid fitness ideas for busy moms.

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Make the Time

One of my best fitness ideas for busy moms is that you have to make the time. Any mother with small children knows that you don’t just have spare time lying around. Schedule your day, and be sure to include a workout! We all make time for the things we think are important, so start including a workout!


Involve Your Kids

Here is an easy way for moms to fit a workout in AND entertain their kiddos at the same time. Involve your kids! Play a game of tag, or have races. Jump rope or play hopscotch. Ride bikes, or jog while your kids ride bikes down the sidewalk! For rainy days, you could use a Wii system and take turns with the kiddos.


Make Use of Naptime

Naptime is a golden opportunity for moms. It can provide you with the chance to tackle housework, pay bills, make important phone calls, paint your toes, or get in a workout. That’s right; work out while your baby sleeps! If you don’t own a piece of workout equipment, you could use a fitness DVD instead.


Feed Your Kids Healthy Stuff

Now this one might seem a little strange, but bear with me! How many times do you absentmindedly snack on your kids’ snacks? Even just while you are prepping lunch, a chip here or a cookie there winds up in your mouth! Start feeding your kids grapes and carrot sticks, and you will have less temptation in front of your face!


Pack Your Own Lunch to Work

It goes without saying, but fast food is never good for anyone’s fitness levels. Not to mention, eating out every day can quickly drain your wallet. Start packing your own lunch to work, to save money AND calories! Stick with healthy options, or you will defeat the purpose.


Play Dates and Mom Dates

When you feel the need to change up your workout, grab a couple of mom friends and make it an event! Strollers are awesome in situations like this, because you can take a walk or a jog around the block with the little ones in tow. Older kids can tag along on skates or scooters and then it’s fun for everyone!


Go to the Park

The park offers endless opportunities for moms who want to get lean. Your kids are entertained and within eyesight, so you are free to do squats, lunges, planks, sit-ups, push-ups, or whatever else you fancy. The jungle gym is a great place to do pull-ups and stretches too.


Clean Your House

Housework is almost always dreaded by most, but it has to be done, so why not make the best of it? A 20-minute power cleanup can burn over 150 calories if you kick it into high speed! Other chores like vacuuming, mopping, scrubbing windows, shampooing carpets or even putting away laundry can burn scores of calories and give your muscles a nice workout as well.


Set Goals

My final fitness tip for moms on the go is to remember to set goals and track your progress. If it helps, find someone to keep you accountable. If you want to see progress and change, this step is a must!

These fitness ideas for busy moms will be just what you need to encourage a workout! Even if you just use one or two of these tips a week, you will start noticing progress. Taking care of yourself is important too! What are some of your fitness ideas for busy moms?

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