7 Yoga Poses That Will Score You Flat Abs in No Time ...

You do not need to do crunches to get flat abs – there are many yoga poses for flat abs you can do at home. Practicing yoga regularly will lengthen and strengthen your entire body. That means you will get sleek and toned muscles, not bulky ones that some women are afraid of obtaining sometimes. I don’t do any crunches, yet I have a flat stomach just from doing various yoga poses. That said, you need to be very patient with yourself if you can’t do all of these poses quite yet. Work at a speed that’s right for you, keep trying, don’t give up, and you will have a chiseled, flat stomach soon enough! I will note that eating healthy and doing some form of cardio will help you see your abs better, so working on those things as well is a good goal. Either way, these yoga poses for flat abs will be very beneficial to you.

1. Boat Pose

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This is my favorite of the yoga poses for flat abs. You can do so many different variations of the pose, such as moving your legs up and down and pausing at certain heights. To perform this pose, go onto the ground and sit with your knees bent. Lean back, tucking your tailbone under your spine, contract your abs, and extend your legs out. Put your hands out in front of you, palms facing in. The goal of this pose is to get your feet as low to the ground as possible without actually touching it. Alternatively, it can be to grasp your ankles and bring your legs as close to your body as you can, keeping your back straight. Hold as long as you can, and keep building up.

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