7 Exercises You Can do in the Sand ...


7 Exercises You Can do in the Sand ...
7 Exercises You Can do in the Sand ...

If you are looking for a way to have fun in the sun while getting fit on the beach, I have endless ways for you. If you spend time at the beach and have trouble motivating yourself to get to the gym, multitask and get fit in your swim wear. You can work out in your bikini and get in shape without ever having to leave the sand. That is a total win win in my book! Beach workouts are actually more challenging than dry land which means more calories being burned. So get up off the towel and get moving. Challenge yourself with these super simple routines to get your best beach body this year!

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Beach High Intensity Works Are Super Intense

Increase your heart rate, bump up the intensity and get in your best shape with the beach high intensity workouts. High intensity workouts are great for elevating your metabolism post workout and also helping you to feel that great post workout soreness. Feel the burn and see the results!


Try a Barre Beach Workout

If you want to tone and strengthen with a super effective resistance, try this barre beach workout. This barre workout is just the right combination of strength to push your body to a whole new level. So get fit and fabulous by starting this routine today!


Get a Super Body This Summer with Super Sets

Super sets are a great way to work to muscle fatigue and help you to achieve new fitness results. These can help you to target specific muscle groups so that you can begin to see greater results. So get sizzling this summer with these super sets in this video. Work hard to achieve amazing fitness and health results!


Get Bold with Beach Body Pilates

Take the heart rate down a notch and get in tune with the muscles you want to target with beach body Pilates. Tighten and tone with effective Pilates exercises to transform your body and relax your mind. If you want to achieve greater fitness results you have to switch up what you are doing and try something new, like Pilates. So follow along with this video and get fit while on the sand!


Get a Sensational Surfer Body in 7 Minutes

Surfers have amazing bodies and super strong cores and this is not by coincidence, but because of the effective exercises that they do. Surfer bodies are not given, they are earned. So get sensational in 7 minutes with exercises like the ones in this video. Remember your body is proof of the time and energy you put into your workouts, so get focused to get fit!


Get Beautiful and Beach Ready with This Yoga Workout

Meditate to relax your body and mind as you get fit. Beach yoga is super relaxing and will help you to lengthen and elongate your muscles. Think long, lean and sculpted muscles with this ultra-effective workout. You do not have to pound your body to get fit; integrate yoga into your beach workouts and you will be wowed by the results.


Sand Sprint then Push up

Feeling super energetic and want to burn some energy while you get fit? Then perform sand sprints and spring back and forth on the beach. Sand sprints are a great way to jump start your weight loss and help you tone your body from head to toe. So sprint and give it all you got!

So with all these super sand workouts you can do on the beach, where will you begin? Just remember whatever you do, make sure you have fun in the sun!

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You can only see her ribcage because she is literally stretching. If someone bigger did that you'd still see the bottom of the ribcage poke out! Thanks for the article!

Wow! The cover photo's girl is THIN!!! (Like, u can see we RIBCAGE)

Yeah but its the first thing you see that draws you into or away from the article. That picture is the Epitamy of Not Sexy! It actually looks painful tbh. And I'm om the slim side. But that's just like woaw above and beyond

Lol you can see her ribcage because she's stretching and doing a backbend and I think the pic is cool

I. Can. Do. It. Ok

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