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Every Body Part Matters - Exercises to Strengthen Your Ankles ...

By Tara

It is important to stretch and strengthen every body part to prevent an injury. Every body part truly matters. So in an effort to exercise stronger and make the most out of your workout; follow these ankle stretching and strengthening exercises. Following these exercises can help you to avoid overuse injuries. So make sure you do not underuse these tips that can help you to get a full range of motion. Are you ready to work out your ankles? Then follow these super and effective ankle tips:

1 One Leg Raise

Follow the tips in this video and perform a one leg raise to strengthen and stretch your ankles. This easy exercise may seem like it is not working but by performing this you can build up the strength in your ankles. So get up and get raising as you put all your weight to each side and isolate each ankle individually.

2 Standing on One Leg:

Hold for 30 seconds, working up to one minute per leg. If you can get past this zen music, put all your weight to one leg and hold. Alternate legs so you can build the strength in each leg. If you focus on each side, you can help prevent an injury down the road. Every body part matters so strengthen your ankles.


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3 Balance and Catch

A balance and catch exercise will help you to build your core and ankle strength. So grab a med ball and work with your partner in playing a simple game of catch. Standing on one leg, catch and throw a ball with a partner. To make the most out of this effective exercise, make certain to throw the ball right, left, high, low. Perform three sets of 30.

4 One Leg Mini Squats

Want to prevent an injury and strengthen your ankles? Then perform mini squats to strengthen your ankles and work your legs. This exercise can help you to prevent ankle and knee injury. On one leg do a half squat with the opposite leg out front for 10 reps, out to the side for 10 reps and behind for 10 reps. Repeat three times for the best results!

5 Ankle Rolls

Now let’s get to stretching out your total body. Even your ankles are important. To stretch out your ankle and the accessory muscles, perform ankle rolls. Pretty simple yet effective in getting your stretch on. Don’t believe me; just look at this video.

6 Stretch up & down

Keeping a body in motion will help you to prevent a future injury so begin with the dynamic stretch of ankle rolls. This active motion exercises can be performed seated to improve flexibility of the ankle after injury. Pumping the ankle up and down and writing the alphabet with the toes may also help to stretch out.

7 One More Stretch

Follow this last dynamic exercise so you can get a full range of motion. This stretch can help you to avoid an injury. So skip the rehab and be proactive by starting this with simple stretch.

As you can see every body part matters so show some love to your ankles and they will love you right back. Are you ready to stretch and strengthen your ankles?

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