7 Tabata Workouts for Daredevils ...

Tabata workouts, the latest craze in fitness, are something that every fitness trainer and instructor seems to be latching onto. If you are not familiar with tabata workouts, this is high intensity training in 4 minute rounds. As a personal trainer, I use tabata workouts for my clients and myself. The only prerequisite of making the most out of tabata workouts is to give it all you got. So in order to perform a tabata workout you need to be fit. If you do not push in the intense portions of the tabata workouts, a rest is not warranted. If you are a daredevil and fitness lover, you should try to push yourself to the max with these challenging workouts:

1. 45 Minute Fitness

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If you follow the 45 minute fitness blast, you will be sweaty and sore by the end. Tabata workouts are combined exercises that make your heart rate surge and will have you comfortable being uncomfortable. So challenge yourself for the 45 minute high intensity program.

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