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Tabata workouts, the latest craze in fitness, are something that every fitness trainer and instructor seems to be latching onto. If you are not familiar with tabata workouts, this is high intensity training in 4 minute rounds. As a personal trainer, I use tabata workouts for my clients and myself. The only prerequisite of making the most out of tabata workouts is to give it all you got. So in order to perform a tabata workout you need to be fit. If you do not push in the intense portions of the tabata workouts, a rest is not warranted. If you are a daredevil and fitness lover, you should try to push yourself to the max with these challenging workouts:

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45 Minute Fitness

If you follow the 45 minute fitness blast, you will be sweaty and sore by the end. Tabata workouts are combined exercises that make your heart rate surge and will have you comfortable being uncomfortable. So challenge yourself for the 45 minute high intensity program.


Twenty-five Minute Tabata

I dare you to push yourself to a whole new level with these 5 – four minute fitness blasts. The best thing about this workout is you can perform this at high impact or at a lower level by simply slowing down. Tabata workouts allow you to work out for a shorter period of time and spike your heart rate rather than exercising long and slow.


Twenty Mins to Tone

This interval training session can help you transform from head to toe. If you push yourself optimally you can get a workout that is equivalent to 2 sweat sessions. So skip the long and slow fitness session and go for the short burst interval training. I double dare you!


Tone It up with Tabata

In 45 minutes you can push your body, get your metabolism elevated and feel the burn. This workout will give you give you a good bang for your buck. The workout has some super moves like the curtsy lunges which targets trouble zones in your lower half. So work your total body with this great work out and have some fun!


Bump It up with Another Tabata

Stretch out your body and then begin this super effective tabata workout to move your body strong. But don't worry - after you complete the short high intensity sessions you can stop, breath, relax and then get ready for more. And utilize those breaks because your body will need it!


Wow in Just 4 Minutes

You may laugh thinking yeah right this is just a 4 minute workout but if you follow along at the same pace, this is 4 minutes of fierce and fun pain. So bring on the high interval training, love this and give it all you have got!


Blast Major Fat in Ten

Follow along with this efficient and effective workout with a master trainer leading you through 2 four minute sessions. This is one of the most functional workouts if you follow along and use the guidance to do your best.

So now you have the daredevil workouts that will help you bump up your fitness routine. It is time to go hard or go home ;-)!

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I've done the fitness blender one, it killed. It was amazing

I just love the name of the workout Tabata ❤😊 hehe

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