7 Toning and Trimming Exercises to Work Your Total Body ...


For most of us no matter what we do, we always want to be leaner, more toned and trim. So how do we do this? Stop thinking about what to do and lace up your kicks; watch these videos and move to the instructions. There is no better time to make a change than the present; so why not do it now? Are you ready to get in your best shape? Then show me with some amazing effort!

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Chisel Your Total Body and Abs with This Great Workout

8 groups of 2 exercises for 30 minutes of high intensity workout. This workout program has many great exercises to break the boredom and help you to get in your best shape. So if you are ready to start earing amazing results, get moving!


Max out Your Metabolic Rate with This Super Superset

In just 10 minutes you can work your total body with this superset that stacks moves that all complement each other and help turn your body into a fat burning machine. So trim and slim down as you get in your best shape with this workout. If you are short on time but want to get fit, this is just the workout for you!


Boost Your Metabolism in Just 10 Minutes with This Killer Workout

If you want to boost your metabolism spend just 10 minutes performing these cardio and resistance workouts. This workout alternates cardio and then resistance for the needed break and helps boost your metabolism. This is called high intensity training and it is just the right intensity to have you feeling the burn and achieving great results!


Get Fit This Year with This Super Circuit Training Workout

In just 30 minutes you can work your muscles to build your strength and get lean. There are many diverse moves in this workout that can work your body from head to toe but if you are unable to perform every exercise, there are modifications. Just try to keep moving for the entire 30 minutes so you burn the most calories and take a step closer to your goal!


Work Your Body with Celebrity Trainer Shaun T

If you like to dance you may find the Shaun T workouts to be your absolute fav. He has amazing rhythm and he motivates you to move your body to the max. So push your body to a whole new intensity while you get your dance on with this great workout. Remember you are only get out what you put in so give it all you got!


Try This Bodyweight Bootcamp to Work Your Body to the Core

In 6 intense bodyweight moves you can push your body to achieve super sexy results. If you want it you have to work for it so pay attention and follow along. Make sure you engage the muscles you working - meaning tighten them so you can see even more amazing results.


Get Fast and Furiously in Shape in Just 15 Minutes

If you follow the 21 day fix creator, Autumn, you will definitely love this 15 minute workout. She shortened one of her famous workouts to create this. This is a great workout to get your blood flowing and boost your metabolism to help you get fit. As a beach body coach and trainer, I even found this workout to be challenging and a lot of fun; don’t believe me, try it for yourself. Combine this with her eating program and you are sure to lose weight and achieve amazing results!

So are you ready to trim and tone while you get in the workout zone? Then get up and get moving!

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