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If you are already into fitness and used to getting your sweat on, why not shift gears and try something new. Repeating the same running route on a daily basis can have you sweating less and even burning less calories than when you started months ago. Why? Well first off your heart rate is no longer elevating as high as before and your body is accustomed to this pace. So pick up the pace in your runs and try these new moves to rev your sweat sessions. In just a few weeks as you see and feel the difference you will be so glad you started.

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37 Minutes of Fitness Fun

Fitness blender brings you this great workout of 37 minutes cardio blast. So skip the regular steady pace fitness routine for today and rev your body with the cardio boost. This workout will not only challenge your body but also help boost your metabolism post workout. So get up and rev your metabolic rate by completing this workout!


40 Minute Cardio

Shred and sculpt your body in just 40 minutes with another fitness blender workout. Combine this workout with health eating and it’s the perfect combination to weight loss success. Lose lots, better you health and feel great by moving to this great workout!


Non Traditional Tabata

A traditional tabata workout is 8 rounds at 4 minutes each with a short rest but this tabata workout is 4 rounds of two minutes with a twenty second rest in between. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? Don't just take my word, try it for yourself! This is a total adrenaline rush, especially if you push to your maximum effort.


Kick up the Pace

To elevate your fitness workout perform this cardio kickbox workout and jumping rope session. This 30 minute workout will turn into a super sweat session if you put everything into it. So tighten the muscles you are working, pick up the pace and put out all your energy to achieve great results!


25 Minute Challenge

Check out this super Tabata workout brought to you by the Body Project and focus on getting in your best shape. If you want to get in your best shape, work hard in this workout and focus on the muscles you are working. If you get into this workout in every sense, you will rev your metabolic rate and see incredible results. And for the moments you get to recover, use this break to relax and then get right back into it.


Do It with Denise

This timeless workout led by fitness instructor Denise Austin will give you that needed push to get you up and going. Bring your workout to the next level as you begin with an energetic march and then move on to more challenging moves to tone your body. So burn mega calories and get in your best shape with Denise!


Pilates Cardio Workout

Combine pilates, strength training and cardio to get super fit and feel super fabulous. This workout is both energizing and challenging. So make sure you engage those abs and follow the tips in this video to get in your best shape. I love this workout because it is so diverse with a great variety of total body workouts!

So rev your sweat sessions and get super fit with these great workouts. But remember to fuel your body with vegetables, fruits and whole grains to make the most out of these sweaty fitness sessions. You deserve to be in your best shape and you only have one life so it is time to live it to the fullest with bettered health!

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I love Natalie and her kickboxing I'm definitely trying this one!!!!

I love the ultimate Pilates workout ! Definitely gonna try em

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